NaNoWriMo count down!

Hey everyone! Just thought I would send a quick note…tomorrow is the start of NanoWriMo, which I will participate this year! (MY VERY FIRST NANO!)

What is NanoWriMo? It is an event where Novelists all over the country start from scratch brand-new creations, the goal is to write 50,000 words in thirty days! Yes, I said thirty days!

So guys, I will embark on this grand adventure, and my wish is to be one of those who make it to the winners circle with a sense of accomplishment and hopefully a head full of hair:O) (Hope I don’t pull it all out!;O)

So, to all those November novelists out there…good luck and

Happy writing!

IndieWritersReview welcomes Morrigan by Laura Deluca! (November Book Launch!)

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share my review of Morrigan by Laura Deluca! Please check out this great book  deets and the review below;O)

Laura “Luna” DeLuca lives at the beautiful Jersey shore with her husband and three children. She has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Old high school friends would tell you she was always scratching in her notebook instead of paying attention in class and the children she used to babysit for always loved to hear her scary stories at bedtime. In addition to writing fiction, Laura is also the sole author of a popular review blog called New Age Mama. She is an active member of her local pagan community, and has been studying Wicca for close to eight years.



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Morrigan on sale at

Pagan Writers Birthday Bash – Morrigan Giveaway on Author Laura Deluca’s website!

Morrigan Blurb-Coming November 2012 from Pagan Writers Press

Shuffled from place to place in the foster system, Morrigan doesn’t know the meaning of home. Plus, she is different. She has power over fire, the ability to move objects with her mind, and glimpse into the future. Just when she believes her life can’t get any stranger, she discovers her true identity.

Filtiarn, a knight with a dark past and a surprising secret, has been tasked with guiding the heir of Tír na NÓg through countless perils to be returned to her family. Once Morrigan has been reunited with her mother and grandmother, their triad can save the forgotten land of magic from being devoured by an ancient evil.
“Guardians!” A low snarl emanated from the back of his throat. “What are you doing with Guardians?”
“Stop it! Sit down!”
Morrigan wasn’t sure who she was addressing, the man or the animals.  Luckily, they both obeyed her command. She stepped in between them to  avoid any further confrontations. The cats took a seat on either side  her legs, but their posture hardly relaxed. They still glared warily at  the newcomer, even though their hisses died down to an occasional soft  growl.
“Dirty, filthy beasts!” Tiarn snarled as he climbed to his feet. “I hate Guardians.”
“They’re just little cats,” Morrigan told him. “What’s the big deal?”
“Just cats! Hah!” He was standing at a careful distance, even though  they had started licking their paws nonchalantly. “They are much more  than simple cats! Though even those I find distasteful.”
Morrigan narrowed her eyes. “What do you mean?”
“Never mind. It does not matter.” Tiarn dismissed her question with a wave of his hand. “They are not coming with us.”
“They most certainly are coming!”
Tiarn growled again. “I beg to differ with you, Your Highness. They would only get in the way.  Possibly even get killed.”
Danu raised her head from her grooming to hiss at him again, as though  she had taken that last statement as a personal threat. The strange  reaction of her faithful sidekicks made Morrigan wonder again just how  much Tiarn could be trusted. She also wondered why, when she wasn’t sure she could trust him, she still felt the undeniable urge to wrap her  arms around his neck and kiss him.
“If they stay here alone,  they’ll definitely get killed or at least sent to the pound,” Morrigan  told him. “I can’t let that happen. So, they’re coming. End of story.”
Tiarn’s eyes flashed dangerously, and he looked like he wanted to  argue, but thought better of it. “Very well, Princess. Bring your  mongrel felines. Just keep in mind that Guardians and lycans do not mix  well.”
“Lycans?” Morrigan repeated.
A sick feeling  started to settle in her stomach, as the truth of his words sunk in. It  all started to make sense—his hairy arms and chest, his reaction to the  cats, even his earlier comment about smelling her out. Her dark knight  had a much darker side than she had ever seen in her dreams.
“Why yes, Your Majesty. Did you not realize? You are a witch and a  sorceress. And I, your faithful traveling companion, am a lycan—a  werewolf.”


Author Laura Deluca is having a fabulous giveaway to celebrate the coming of Morrigan! Take a peek of the great prizes…and to enter, please go to Laura’s website to enter the Rafflecopter for this event:O)

The Prize

The prizes were either things in the book or inspired by it.  It will include a signed copy of the book, It also includes a smudge stick and abalone shell, three crystal points, incense, incense holder, Morrigan’s enchantment bath salts created by The Sisters Elemental, and a triquetra pendant. This giveaway is open worldwide and will end on 10/31/12.


Morrigan, has never felt as if she belonged….anywhere. It was almost as if she belonged in another world….What comforts her is an inside belief she is destined for more, and also the reocurring dreams about a boy, that is literally the boy of her dreams! This disturbs and thrills her at the same time.. Morrigan, drifts through each day; staying under the radar, but if she does have her limits pushed, then there are major consquences. Soon her world turns updside down, and Morrigan discovers that her instincts about herself were correct…she isn’t from this world, that she is from a place of magic, and that she is actually not only a witch(powerful one at that:) But a princess, who is the key to saving her newfound home! And in the midst of saving her world, the boy of her dreams becomes a reality AND he’s a Lycan…Werewolf!

Really can it get any better than that?!
I really loved this book, it had a medieval, fairytale quality that I was drawn to; I enjoyed seeing the feisty Morrigan discover bit by bit who she was, and what her purpose was; it was fantastic to see the rough, tough Lycan, Tiarn unfold, and embrace his feelings for Morrigan! This book was full of passion, magic and romance…a grand, epic adventure that is really a rarity these days…
I fully recommend this book, whether you love action and adventure or if you are a grand romantic…it has something for everyone!:O)

IndieReview Behind The Scenes! A Haunting Mid-week mix!

Happy Haunting Everyone! I’m Michelle Cornwell-Jordan your host and I’m bring you some of the hottest music out there! Today in celebration of the will be shared that is unearthly, chilling and some you will not forget!

So sit back and enjoy!

Quick Reminder: After today’s show…IndieReview Behind The Scenes Wednesday’s Mid-week Mix will go on a brief hiatus until Dec. 05th…then will be back with new music and a more fantastic Mid-Week show!

I will be taking part in the NanoWriMo writing event for the month of November! But no worries, Jamie and I will still be here Saturdays with great interviews and music!

So for the Wednesday Mid-Week mix, see ya in December!;O)

IndieWritersReview’s review of A NIght At THe Bishop’s House by Ronda Caudill

Hello Fam:) Just wanted to share my review of A Night at the Bishop’s House by Ronda Caudill.

It was a stormy June night and Victoria Long was forced to spend the night in the spooky Bishop house on the outskirts of town. It is a night that will haunt her the rest of her life.


Ronda L. Caudill grew up in the small rural town of Glade Spring, VA and married her high school sweetheart. They have been happily married for 23 years. She has two wonderful daughters. Ronda earned her Ph.D. in Education from Capella University.  She is the author of Birthright (A Nobleman Novel), and short story A Night at the Bishop House. Ronda is currently working on the sequel to Birthright entitled The Choice.


A Night at the Bishop’s House, was a perfect read for a rainy, dark day(which was the type of day it was, when I read this story:) A throwback to the Gothic novels that I used to love growing up, you know the ones, where the heroines, ended up in a old spooky house, either because they were the new governess or family members taken in by their estranged  kin folk. I used to love not only the story line of those books, that authors such as Daphne du Maurier and Victoria Holt, to name a couple, but the atmospehere would be a major presence in the story. A Night at the Bishop’s House had that same quality!

The story followed Victoria May Long(see, she even has a great Gothic name! **see me squeal with excitement***). Victoria is basically roped into going to a office party which she doesn’t particulary enjoy. So after being there for what she believes is an appropriate amount of time, she leaves and makes her way home. That morning called for clear skies, and it was a clear night when leaving, and with her only living approx 3 miles from where the party was held, then there should not have been a problem. But once leaving and when she had not gone too far, Victoria runs into a storm of mega proportions, and the road that she usually takes home is closed, and she is forced to take the road by the abandon Bishop’s House, which for the majority of her life had terrified her, and that except for one or twice before, she has never gone near the house. So she is forced to go, and she believe if she can make it only those last few miles then she will be fine. But the storm becomes so intense, Victoria can barely see! Then of all things to happen, her car shuts down! Victoria, is terrified, she remains in her car for close to an hour, but eventually has no choice but to go in.

Once in the house Victoria, while simulatenously repulsed, frightened and also intrigued by the house; she is drawn in to a search and discovers the house’s secrets. Strange things happen, and she begins to see visions of the former inhabitants of the house, Sarah Bishop and her husband the handsome John Bishop. (I do not wish to spoil the story ) so, I will say that Victoria discovers a terrifying truth regarding who she really is, and that knowledge will change her life forever!

I truly enjoyed this novel, as I stated previously, it was a perfect throwback to those novels, similiar to the greats such as Victoria Holt and Daphne du Maurier! Ms. Caudill’s descriptions were so superb that it draws the reader into the story, the description of the house, made it almost a living, breathing entity, one that became a central character itself, and not simply the setting. My favorite scene, was when Victoria, was going down the long corridor(there HAS to be a long corridor in these great gothic tales, well any worth its salt!:O) Anyway,as she checked the multiple rooms, she would leave the door open, room, after room, but when she turned around the doors would be closed!

Awesomely creepy:) I enjoyed watching Victoria discover the secrets of the house and the startlung truth at the end! This is a wonderfully entertaining, hauntly fun read!

IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday!

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I would like to showcase a wonderfully haunting artist Jill Tracy and please make sure you also check out the One Voice Feature below!

Make sure you check out her music video! “Haunted By The Thought Of You!”

Jill Tracy will transport you into a seductive and magical realm far beyond the Everyday. The place where we wished we lived. A dark, elegant netherworld full of hidden passageways, wonder cabinets, and opium dens. Of monsters, marvels and mayhem. You know it’s not safe here; but with Jill Tracy as your guide, you’ll be in no hurry to leave.

The San Francisco-based singer/pianist/storyteller and “musical evocateur” has garnered multiple awards and a passionate following for her eerie and beautiful cinematic music, sophisticated lyrics, old-world glamour, and curious passion for strange tales.

Hailed a “femme fatale for the thinking man” by the San Francisco Chronicle, Jill Tracy was described by NPR’s All Things Considered as “utterly intriguing, transporting you into a magical world solely of her creation.” LA Weekly has deemed her “the cult darling of the Underworld.”

She is the modern day woman of mystery.

With five albums to her credit, Jill Tracy’s music has appeared on CBS, NBC, PBS, and numerous independent and feature films. The song “Evil Night Together” has become a sultry underground anthem for neo-burlesque, gothic cabaret, and modern belly dancers all over the globe. Her acclaimed short The Fine Art of Poisoning,” (a collaboration with Bay Area filmmaker Bill Domonkos) has won over 30 film festival awards internationally and screened at London’s famed National Gallery in 2010. Her most recent film score for Domonkos—the stunning sci-fi suspense NERVOUS96 is a collaboration with violinist Paul Mercer.

Since joining forces with the Atlanta-based Mercer on Halloween 2007, the two have become revered for their unique traveling show A Musical Seance, featuring astonishing channeled duets on piano and violin.  Music is manifested via tales and treasured artifacts brought by the audience, their energy, and emotions.

Recently, Jill Tracy has been intrigued with what she refers to it as “spontaneous musical combustion”– immersing herself in peculiar locations laden with history and curious backstory. After in depth research, she composes music “on the spot” while within the surroundings.  A beautiful and sometimes frightening study of the power of the immediate: Music lurks everywhere. Every object has a story to tell.

With her affinity for dark history, mystery and science tales, Jill Tracy has collaborated with famed UC Berkeley historian/author Mel Gordon (Voluptuous Panic), film noir impresario/author Eddie Muller, renowned author Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), and legendary Grand Guignol theatre troupe Thrillpeddlers.

For nearly a decade, Jill Tracy has been “Belle of the Ball” at the wildly popular Edwardian Ball, an  annual lavish costumed event in San Francisco and Los Angeles, drawing  thousands of spectators worldwide in homage to artist Edward Gorey.

Jill Tracy has been the featured performer at Anne Rice’s famed New Orleans Halloween Ball and was commissioned to compose the highly anticipated Midnight Waltz for the International Ball of Vampires in Portland, OR. She has shared the stage with luminaries like Nina Hagen, Lydia Lunch, Richard Strange, Skinny Puppy, Jello Biafra, Faith and the Muse, Armen Ra, and has collaborated and toured with music icon David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets.)

Check out Jill Tracy’s “Haunted By The Thought Of You”

The X Factor episode that had been interrupted by last week’s game, was shown again! During this segment, Demi and Simon revealed their picks(Final Four) that will go on to the live shows. I believe the most heartbreaking of the night was from Demi’s team, when she informed Jillian Jensen that she must returned home. It truly was heartbreaking.

I will say that I have actually changed my viewpoint; made a complete turn around. At the start of the show, I wasn’t fond of the in your face attitude of CeCe Frey, although I have acknowledged that she could really sing. But while watching this episode, I found myself on the edge of seat with anticipation, and nervousness that CeCe would be sent home…I really have grown to enjoy watching Ms. Frey and would be sadden if she left. I believe she brings something to the auditions. Although I am very sadden for JNillian Jensen, boy how I wish the X Factor had a steal factor to allow a second chance for some very deserving performers!

Hello all:) I am giving a recap of this week’s final week of battle rounds!

I am so excited to say that all my team members have survived the Battle Rounds! Yes, there were some switching of teams and coaches, but they are still in the running! Woo Hoo:O) So next week starts the Knock Out rounds…and on the way to the Live shows! Yes, see you in the winners circle:O)

Team Michelle updates!


Avery Wilson

Bryan Keith


Devyn Delora

Dez Duron

Gracia Harrison

Liz Davis

Melanie Martinez

Michaela Paige

Mycle Wastman

Nicole Nelson

Trevin Hunte

Adrianna Louis

Webisodes to be taped based on Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy in May 2013! Plus Giveaway for Release Day of The Kindred(A Night School Vampire Hunter novella)

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to give you another sneak peek in what is upcoming:) In May 2013, there is a tenative schedule date, to tape a series of webisodes based on the Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy novellas/Ame Academy’s Paranormal series(2013)




Buffy would  be proud!

In Celebration of the upcoming release of The Kindred(A Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy novella)November 24th!

Scavenger Contest on Goodreads(Details announced Nov. 2nd)

Giveaways will be kicked off on Nov. 02nd

Open to All

Nov. 09th Amazon virtual giftcard $5.00 a piece to 2 winners

and Nov. 16th Amazon virtual giftcards $5.00 given to 2 winners

and Mega Release Day Bash giveaway Nov. 24th

In order to be eligible for the Grand Prize must be a member of the Hunter Series Fan club on Goodreads/FaceBook

Grand Prize TOURWIDE ( Win a copy of the Kindred and a copy of Cecile Monique’s CD Immortal Beloved)(Genre:Rock)

Other great prizes! Open To All

1st place 3 people per blog will receive a free e-book copy of The Kindred(Novella 2)

2nd place (10 people per blog…a free e-book copy of Night School Vampire Hunter, novella 1)

So make sure you stay tuned:O)

And lastly,find out more great facts about the Hunter facts in the new group The Hunter Series Fan Club here on Goodreads and FaceBook!



IndieReview Behind The Scenes spks w/ Author Raine Thomas Today at 11:30 am Central Time!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to announce first that IndieReview Behind The Scenes has reached 11,932 listens since launching March 2012! Thanks so much for checking us out:O)(**Please see below for a much longer, much more teary, heartfelt thanks:O)

Now I wanted to issue an invite!

Just letting you know that today 10/27 at 11:30am Central Time, my co-host Jamie B Musingshttp://jbcultureshock.wordpres… and myself will be speaking with the award winning Author Raine Thomas on IndieReview Behind The Scenes!







Also IndieReview Behind The Scenes is growing! We’re adding new team members!

The first of the great new addition, is Award winning author Sybil Nelson of the Priscilla The Great novels!

Ms. Nelson has an awesome blog where she gives resources, tips, and techniques to Indie Authors and Small publishers…so now Ms. Nelson is bringing that knowledge and skill to our wonderful radio audience! Based on Ms. Nelson’s amazing blogspot Ready.Set.Sell, Ms. Nelson will give a bi-weekly 20 minute segment on Tuesdays at IndieReview Behind The Scenes on marketing strategies called by the same name, Ready. Set Sell!

Ms. Nelson’s first segment, will air Tuesday November 06th! So make sure you check it out:)


Thanks to all those who have listened to IndieReview Behind The Scenes, and supported the great guests we have interviewed, stories we have shared and not to mention the awesome music!

We appreciate you, as you listen and support IndieReview Behind The Scenes, you are actually supporting the very talented Authors and Musicians out there, so again thanks!