IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Spotlighted Artists and Just One Voice feature

Happy Monday Fam:) It’s time for Music Monday,here is where I celebrate some of today’s hottest Indie Artist and their great music! Plus a new feature that I have started…Just One Voice, where I give a recap/review on what happened this past week on the hit television shows The Voice and X-Factor! I will also give updates on Team Michelle!

So sit and hang out awhile:o)

This week’s Spotlighted artists

In My Music Mailbox

With the new EP “Inspired By Greatness” released September 4th from Philadelphia artist Trel Mack here is the Inspired By Greatness Intro ft. Q The Question.

The track is produced by Flawless Tracks (Wale,etc) (Fresh Gear) (Co-Founder)
Trel Mack’s Media: Official Website: Twitter: @TrelMack Facebook:
SKE Records: Label Site: Facebook: Twitter:

From CD

Getting ready for All Hallows Eve?


A Trick-or-Treater’s satchel of sweet Halloween music for elegant witches, fervid vampires, quirky kitties, maudlin ghosts, the contended sleeping dead, and head-banging pagans everywhere.

Genre: Rock: Goth
Okay here guys is where I give a brief recap of the hit television shows The Voice and X-Factor! Also Updates on Team Michelle!:O)
Well this week’s X-Factor besides the drama mama moments…was a surprise to me due to the overwhelming amounts of yes’ being given by the judges! There were more genuine assessments in the critiques of the participants, much more positivity shown and for me that was a plus:)
I believed the show settled more into a showcase of talent from those serious about the opportunity being given, and yes there were the odd collections of surreal moments with a rejected performer being arrested for stealing one of the show’s microphones to another being transported from the auditions in an ambulance! But other than that, the judges got down to business in preparing for this upcoming season…
My Favorite, although there were several…but my favorite of all was the Belton Mo. Country singer Tate Stevens! His voice was so powerful, and with his easy-going charm, I was assured of his four yes’:o) So, yes, my tune has changed a little, but I admit you can’t judge a book
by its cover, or a show by just the first episode…,lol …so looking cautiously forward to what’s coming next!
Check out Tate Stevens! (Jamie B would be so proud of me:o))
This week’s the Voice heated up with more great singers! I was very surprised
that Ceelo scored some very strong players for his team this week. Several who I believed would have been Team Christina such as R&B artist the 16 years old Avery Wilson who had the crowd and judges standing on their feet. Wilson’s performance was one of the rare times that the normally picky Christina, pushed the button. Please understand, I am a HUGE Christina fan, and I have so much respect
 for her committment to the vision she has for her team, and for music itself. But there were a couple of times during this week’s auditions that I became a little irritated with Christina’s perfection, when it seemd to cross the line to being a tad too critical. I felt that a few of the points, that were  held against those rejected could have been coaching points if the artists were given a chance!
But that is just my humble opinion, I am no way a singer, and Christina would know best:)
But overall I enjoyed the show, and I am sadden to hear that Ceelo and Christina will be leaving the show in the Spring…when I just started following it! But I look forward to future shows and great music:)
Here are the members of my team so far in random order:)
Trevin Hunte
  Domo has more than what is seen on the surface…
I believe she will surprise us this season!
Mycle Wastman
Devyn DeLoera
Liz Davis
Gracia Harrison
Nicole Nelson
Bryan Keith
Melanie Martinez
Avery Wilson

2 thoughts on “IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Spotlighted Artists and Just One Voice feature

  1. Loving the Halloween music. I’m imagining witches dancing and celebrating around a bonfire in olden times.
    I saw that episode of The X Factor. We get it 24 after it airs in the US. I liked the rock chick girl who sang “Pumped Up Kicks”.

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