IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Artist Feature, The Voice and Team Michelle!:o)

Hello, Hello Everyone! Welcome to IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Today I will showcase what has come in my music mailbox, and afterwards please check out a new temporary feature, called Just One Voice, that I am starting today;in this feature, I will discuss my thoughts and opinions regarding the shows, The Voice and X-Factor! I call it Just One Voice, because it is just one opinion, everyone has one, I am just giving mine:) Anyway, thanks for stopping by…I will also  list last Saturday’s radio segment IndieReview Behind The Scenes, where my co-host Jamie B Musings gives a little recap from the hit show The Voice….so, Music Monday is all about great Indie Music in whatever fashion! Let’s get started:)

I.L.Y. (I Love You)

by BR
A sound that is soft, yet edgy and mysteriously analogous to Aaliyah; Granddaughter of Ray Charles.
Genre: Pop: Today’s Top 40
Release Date: 2012

Check Out IndieReview Behind The Scenes to hear this great song.,..and my co-Jamie B.Musings discuss her opinions/picks for The Voice!



Hey guys, this is my new feature where I will at times give a little recap for the rare person like myself who may have missed the original airings of the Voice and X-Factor! I will begin by saying that I have never watched one episode of any of these music reality shows;including American Idol! I know, I am ashamed:(  I am unsure why really, maybe due to the fact when they first appeared the reigning show, which had the famous Simon on it, seemed…a little harsh to the contestants; and  at that time really I could not fathom why anyone would place themselves in the position, to possibly be ridiculed, just because the judges may not see the value in their performance. So, to be honest the reports and the commercials turned me off the premise…

I know…Bo-o-o-Michelle!:)

But now, being out here, interacting in various social medias, setting out on the Indie road myself, pursuing my dream of writing; I understand  better now, that when the opportunities arise, the chance offered; you take it. Especially if you believe in yourself!

So, I said especially with launching IndieReview Behind The Scenes, which half of the platform is to showcase Indie Musicians and artists, I have more appreciation for their struggle and hunger, and great talent. So I said, yep, now I will follow these show…Unfortunately due to my daily schedule, I at present have to record the shows and watch during weekend free time…which I did… so basically six hours of Music reality TV! Whew!:)

So this is what I thought:)


I thought it only fair that if these shows could have a platform where the contestants were judged; then I could have a platform where the shows are discussed as well:)


Okay, I will say, to be fair, when I watched the first episode of this show, was after watching FOUR hours(Iknow, I may need a life:) ,lol anyway, after watching FOUR hours of the Voice! So, yes, by that time I was very inundated with the Voice look, host and procedure…so maybe by this point, I was a little bias…

My first opinion was that, the X-Factor was exhausting! I spent much of the first episode, waiting for the show to really get going, to see the contestants, and hear the voices…I wasn’t completely sure I understood the premise of the show; I was thrown off with the Behind The Scenes look, and  following the contestants, some who had very snide remarks regarding the other…I well, at first wasn’t sure I liked it.

I also wasn’t sure if all of the contestants, were…real..I felt that it was slightly contrived; that maybe they were plants…you know acts placed in the mix, to give Simon and the bunch, fodder for discussion and safe avenue for insults. Really, it irritated me….

But, my daughter helped. She was the one, who said mom, it is a reality show, versus the other which was more a music show; so I said okay, I strive not to judge others, by any platform other than themselves; so I will do the same for this show. Once I did that, I allowed myself to accept, this is how this show works, and then I became more interested. Beside… the boy band, One Direction members,  originated from this show, and others, so for all its flamboyance, it did the job….creating stars!

So I enjoyed the acts that came out and sang, of course their were some just obvious favorites, I mean they were spectacular a little girl with a grown  up voice! and another young woman with a powerful voice, who had been bullied, but survived and she was incredible!

My pick also was Jennel Garcia, she was unassuming, feisty, just got out there and had fun! I loved watching her sing, and I look forward to watching her this season!







The Voice I loved! It was very polished, the hosts appeared very helpful, genuinely concerned with the constestants; I enjoyed the fact, that the artists were not supposed to be judged on their appearance, although, that did seem to come up at times; but the performance critique was based on talent. I am a big fan of Christina , so to be honest I felt that I would go in and be biased towards her team; but after watching the show, yes, I am a little bias towards her right now as a judge, because she seems…very picky…meaning, if she turned for you, well that was half the battle; now please do not get me wrong, I was impressed with all the judges, and they all bring something to the show…and I will enjoy watching it this season. I thought it would be simple, pick a team that I can affliate with; it wasn’t….many of the ones I like, were on different teams… So I created my own:)

I will go into detail later, regarding my thoughts of the performances, this is just a list:)




Devin Delora



and Domo (yes! Doimo:)


6 thoughts on “IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Artist Feature, The Voice and Team Michelle!:o)

  1. Awesome post…. I love the “Team Michelle” idea 🙂 I may have to have a team myself! I totally agreed with your assessment of The Voice. I will, however, not be watching X Factor anymore. I posted the reasons on my page for that in a note. I hope you enjoy both this season 🙂

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