Indiewritersreview’s Music Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! It’s Monday and around here that means music:) I just want to invite you to check out Jamie B Musings and my interview with Hip Hop Educator LAK this past Saturday on IndieReview Behind The Scenes internet radio

During this segment we discuss his album, his motivations, why he chose this inspiring road in using his talent and what’s next? So go check it out!

In My Music Mailbox today

Listening and viewing discretion advised

Hip Hop artist STIXX

 STIXX is emerging artist from Brooklyn New York. Gritty, raw, with an overdose of confidence best describes his lyrical abilities. Raised in Brownsville and Flatbush STIXX grew up with a passion for music, his family played everything from Pop, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll. However it was Hip Hop that struck a cord with him.

   At the age of 12, He would freestyle with his friends around the neighborhood for fun but never took it seriously. However he recorded his first song and the reaction was enough to let know STIXX he had a way with words and communicating. He took on the name STIXX, a childhood name given to him due to his body frame.
   In 2010 STIXX released Road to Success, an album that paints the ups and downs he’s faces on his path to achieving his dreams. An underground success RTS, showed the out the box thinking STIXX is known for, with hits Getting Paper, Take You to Heaven and RTS.
   Always pushing to create his own lane STIXX debuted the experimental music video Jungle, where he almost stood still in a variety of gritty locations for almost the whole entire video. The avant-garde video showed a young man discovering the nature of his exists, it is still praised by critics.
   STIXX followed with the music video New York Love and ode to the Big Apple New York City. The mainstream song and video gave viewers a tour of the city that never sleeps and more importantly the different people and workers that make it run.
   Refusing to be placed inside of a bracket, STIXX has been putting the finishing touches to his second serving Dom P & Cubans. With different experiences and his jet setting lifestyle STIXX plans on giving listeners a new perspective on his style of music.
Check out his website for more information!

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