Indiewritersreview’s Music Monday!

Happy Monday everyone:) yep, today is another awesome start to a hopefully fantastic week…and so to start it off right, what better way than with a little spotlight on some great Indie Artist!

So let’s see what came in my Music Mailbox!

Hip Hop Educator LAK!

This is artist will be featured on IndieReview Behind The Scenes on Aug.25th@11a.m.

LAK is a hip-hop recording artist who has created a new sound called educational hip-hop soul music, a blend of educational lyrics and underground hip-hop beats.  His new album, Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education, has hit Amazon bestseller lists, reaching #1 in Hot New Releases and #8 in all Educational Music.  Songs on Lesson One hit on topics such as money management, female empowerment, history, politics, African-American impact and more.  Dominion of New York Magazine says, “Most people who use hip-hop to educate children do so badly. Lak does it so well that after a kid shares his music with you, you’ll secretly download the album yourself.”
Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education is now available on Amazon:
Contact LAK
Listening to the audio of some of his songs on ReverbNation by clicking here
Kings & Queens from Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education
Congress Women (remix)
Hip Hop artist Cocky Ave(Cocky Ave will be in interview feature on IndieReview Behind The Scenes on Oct.13th)
Cocky Ave. (Afta and Slic Yung)is a group out of California looking to make noise in the Hip Hop community. They have made that noise in the Central Cali area for the last two years and they are on a move to share their voice, they are the next to see your area!!! Not only have Cocky Ave become just another rap group, but they are becoming a brand.Jonathan “Afta” is one of the leading Battle Rapperson the West Coast and he is willing to prove it in any city he enters. He’s quickly making his name one to remember.Victor “SlicYung” has his own segmit “Battle Of the Sexes” on an Internet Radio Show at The core gets over 10,000 views per week. If you want that personality for your shows, this is your guy.Cocky Ave. has opened concerts and shows for Baby Bash, The R3Jects, Glasses Malone, and T-Pain. They are mos defintely a young hungry group that is on a rise. They are set to drop their debut Ep “Pursuit of Greatness” In 2012.

Their Ep has a strong positive message, as all of their music.

Cocky Ave. has a style and flow that can be compared with other major artists such as J.Cole, Kanye West, Common and many more…however, they are still quite unique and they will be something different for the world to keep a watch out for.

Contact Cocky Ave

(907) 250-6616.

Hip Hop Artist Cockyz
                      Who is Cocky Streetz Mr.365? Cocky is an Artist, Promoter, Sponsor of his own Hip-hop/Rap music. Cocky is not your average local artist, he already have the look that attract the female and make the males want to follow him. Cocky comes with his own street team his New mixtape “guaranteed” is in every store and club in the NC region. Cocky only spit his life and truthfulness that’s why the fans relate to him so much. His 6”4 height in long dreads and powerful voice make his shows sold out. He also throw a lot of parties in NC and SC. Cocky started with a few dollars and a dream and less than a year became the Hottest hip hop artist in the streets including fan custom logo t-shirts and posters and mixtapes in every location in NC region. Cocky goal is not a lot of artist from NC are respected as lyricist but, thank god for Cocky Streetz he here to prove that there is one to prove it. If he sells out everything that’s affiliated with him now as an independent artist then he will be global with the right company backing him. Cocky has shows at small clubs and concerts everywhere he travels from state to state and city from city. Planning a huge mixtape release party that’s already rsvp of 2,000 fans. With cocky it’s not signing an Artist that you have to make somebody by signing cocky you signed a Movement that doesn’t need anything but extra Help and as the mixtape say its “Guaranteed” show, music, lyrics, fans, and ect. Is Guaranteed. Future plan is for Cocky and his street team “Revenue 365” is to hold up their name and go hard 365 days a year and become the voice of the streets to motivate the guys and females that’s going in the wrong direction as Cocky was in the past. Show them that dreams do come true but why wait for that when you can go hard and it pays off and to pray to god and have faith. Cocky lyrics flow and instrumentals are the best. He produces and Write His own music. So Let’s All get rich and for those ones that’s already rich let’s get richer and change a lot of people lives.
Contact Cocky
Listening discretion advised

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