Indiewritersreview’s “In Music” Cecile Monique’s “Never Over” releases today!

Hello Fam:) I just wanted to reach really quick and invite you to check out the fanTAbulous(is that a word????) ,lol Cecile Monique! This multi-talented artist spoke with IndieReview Behind The Scenes, the radio segment for Indiewritersreview on this past Saturday in a fun interview…

Cecile spoke about what inspires her music, upcoming projects and some behind the scene antics!:) So make sure you go check out the interview at IndieReview Behind The Scenes radio indiereview-behind-the-scenes-interview-w-cecile-monique and check out Cecile’s Making the Never Over music video, go behind the scenes with Cecile and her band!(See below)

NEVER OVER release today on Amazon, Itunes and other digital retailers, so go check it out! Also, the new video Never Over releases today as well, look for it on You Tube:)

Happy rockin all:)


The Making Of Never Over Video In The Studio

The Making Of Never Over at Metalworks Studio

Bass/Guitar: Sam Dlugokecki

The making of Cecile Monique’s new single, “Never Over” at Metalworks Studios.

Head Engineer: Kevin Dietz, Metalworks Studios


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