Indiewritersreview’s Music Monday:Latin Jazz artist Claudia Acuna Hip Hop Artist DRagg akaSean, Nino Brown!

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope your weekend was awesome; well today is Monday and around here that means Music! Time to shine a little spotlight on some incredible Indie artist out there!

So let’s see get started!


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In These Shoes

Sultry Latin pop / jazz vocals over a simmering cauldron of funky, swinging Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and other South American rhythms.
Genre: Latin: Latin Jazz
In My Music Mailbox!

What do you get when you combine solid hip hop beats, positive rap lyrics and a visually impaired visionary? You are blessed with the music of Dragg a.k.a. Sean S, the 18 year old musical genius from the UK.

What Dragg shares with his fans, through his music, is something spectacular. He tells a story of his life, where he has been, and how he is succeeding. It’s a story many other rap/hip hop artists are just now beginning to share. This is what makes Dragg a visionary. He saw the route rap and hip hop were taking and the messages the music was sending to the young fans across the world. It bothered him that the lyrics were about violence and sex. He saw that a change was needed and he was just the one to begin the change.

Dragg began his career as a hip hop songwriter in Johannesburg, South Africa. He grew up idolizing artists like Wu Tang Clan and Xzibit; singing along with the songs, and realizing he, too, could write songs that sent a message to hip hop fans. He wanted his messages to be about the good in the world and how to be a good person in this crazy world. 

Rap and hip hop fans are responding to Dragg’s message with positive feedback. They seem tired of lyrics about drugs and gangs and want more songs about overcoming struggles. Dragg’s music provides them with that.

Drag has a strong following on YouTube, gaining nearly six thousand fans in less than a year. People are beginning to talk about Dragg a.k.a. Sean S, and they’re saying good things. They love what they’re hearing and want to hear more, so Dragg is getting back to writing songs, producing, and spending time in the studio to record his new music.

If you want to learn more about this visually impaired musician who has a vision to succeed, you can check out his Facebook Fan Page and follow him on Twitter

Artist Twitter:

NEW NEW NEW Draggaka Sean’s The Warm Up Vol.1(Mixtape)

Check out more songs from this very talented young artist!

Click here…gnnl7o

Nino Brown

BRAND NEW MUSIC!!!  From Nino Brown (on DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group) featuring reggae legend Junior Reid.  The record is entitled “Who Won Test”, produced by Dan “DFS” Johnson..

TWITTER’S:  @NinoBrownMiami  @Junior_Reid  @Dan_DFS_Johnson


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