Review of Kindling (The Hunter Trilogy Book#1) by Abigail Colucci

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I am sharing a review of the book Kindling(The Hunter Trilogy) Bk.1 by Abigail Colucci. Hope you guys are having a fantastic day, and let’s get started!

She learns to fight She controls flame. She Hunts her enemies.

Catalina Chavez is not summoned by an ancient prophecy, does not experience unrequited love with a handsome prince, and does not plead to the heavens for her life to be different. She is simply Kit, a normal girl approaching her 17th birthday with a feeling of dread . . and that feeling proves prophetic as a deadly event changes her life forever.

While most people can live their entire life without acknowledging the evil they feel but cannot see, Kit discovers that she cannot – she must carry the burden that other people do not understand . . . Kit grows up quickly as she prepares her body to fight and must deal with ever-increasing dangers from unknowns.

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My name is Abbey and I have been writing all of my life, but Kindling is my first published novel. I am a writer and storyteller but, in the real world, I also am an IT Specialist School Librarian (that’s a real thing!) who has a voracious appetite for young adult and middle grade literature as well as technology, internet culture, and bridging the digital divide. Between my day job and my indie publisher work, which take the majority of my time, I love hiking the mountains and taking my dog on walks. Someday, I will live on a small farm with a garden, chickens, and barn kitties, but not today. Today I live in a big, Canadian city with my husband, who is almost finished with his PhD, and my little dog, who is the cutest pest and writing companion in the universe


Kindling is the story of 17-year-old Catalina, whose life had been normal up until her 17th birthday. Meaning, she had a wonderful family and great friends; but Catalina or Kit as she is also known, always felt somewhat out-of-place in her school, with her friends and even with her family. Much of the time she didn’t feel as if she fit in; Kit spent much of her time training with her father, honing her martial arts skills and pushing her physical capacity to the limit. Kit was much more advance than most girls her age. But this was normal for Kit, although on her 17th birthday, everything changed. Kit discovered that Vampires were real and that she was FAR from normal, with an exceptional heritage, and that she was a major player in an ancient prophecy!

Kindling grabbed my attention from the beginning, the description of Kit’s training, the feel of the community in which she lived and her family, all of it wrapped itself around me and pulled me into the story; the kick butt action kept me involved in the story! I enjoy strong female characters, I believe they are great examples for the young women growing up today; not just strong in physical prowess, but in character, and the strength to stand for their beliefs. I believe that these ideals, were shown in this book and I consider it a fun, exciting read…I look forward to the second book in the series Catalyst! I recommend this book if you are looking for a fresh, unique take on the Vampire/Hunter lore….I believe the series may have the ability to cause readers to say…Buffy who?…in no time at all:)


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