Indiewritersreview’s review of Pulse by Acacia Green

Hello everyone! Today  I am reviewing Pulse by Acacia Green!

Unobtrusive high school senior Nyssa Navitas simply wants to graduate school.  Her plan is to spend a year living with her super hot actor bestie in Hollywood and get away from her controlling alcoholic father.
But when she finds the school’s Mr Charming, Harland Woods, unconscious on the school’s oval, she has no idea how much her simple discovery will change the course of her life…
Harland is the King of the Binuit-Namri Nation, a secretive race of energy beings from another dimension.  He’s hiding out on Earth trying to avoid an arranged marriage with a girl who won’t stop until she has his throne.
Problems arise when their tutoring sessions start to blossom into something more.  While Harland is preoccupied with trying to keep their relations a secret, Nyssa’s life is about to change, forcing one fo them to make a life or death decision.


A keen fan of stories that leave you wondering after you have closed the book, Acacia has been making up stories most of her life.
Her favourite quote is:  Surrender who you are for who you want to become and this message is strong in her books, her characters evolving and changing to become something else.
Her perfect day would involve gardening, hanging out with family and having her better half cooking a barbeque dinner.
Spring is her favourite season because of the promise of new life and I love watching the plants burst into life after sleeping through a long cold winter.


I really enjoyed this book, my daughter read it prior to me and she raved over it! So I just had to try it and well, I LOVED IT! Right from the beginning my interest was peaked wondering who or what Harland was, and what Nyssa’s part was in what Harland was experiencing.

I could identify with Nyssa, she appeared at first as a normal, shy unassunming high schooler, but after becoming involked with Harland, I truly enjoyed Nyssa’s blossoming, showing that she was a strong and I enjoyed her straight forwardness and evolving confidence.

I also enjoyed the romance which budded and grew between the two main characters, and the action that was intermixed erupting into a sharp cliffhanger, which left me wanting more!

I fully recommend this book and I cannot wait for the second one!


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