Welcome Acacia Beumer of Launch Out Into The Deep

Hello Everyone! Today Acacia Beumer of Launch Out Into The Deep will be joining me here today! Ms. Beumer’s title is  on tour with Virtual Book Tours





Life is a journey that is encumbered with pitfalls, cruel turns of fate, and the inescapable reality of death. How we make our way throughout this journey is what really counts but sometimes it is easy to lose our way and our faith. Launch Out into the Deep is a well written heartwarming coming of age book. Launch Out Into The Deepwill work wonders for your soul and alleviate any feelings of loneliness, rebelliousness and even regret.

It’s important to realize that the bible is not an easy read, and that where books like these fit in – selecting certain Bible passages and references from the Testaments along with engagingly written notes, and true experiences from the writer and other people, to help us reflect on the Bible’s meaning and how it is relevant to us today.

The book has a very intelligent architecture: a short description of life’s brutal lesson and the cool balm that Faith provides, followed by quotations from the Holy Scripture. Lastly a soothing poem in rhyming verse provides the apt closure to the episode. It’s like celestial music lending its rhythm and cadence to the momentary turbulence of the cosmos.

The author’s essays are direct, easy to read, and allow for reflection and interpretation. Her youthful and honest voice is reminiscent of the Chicken Soup series — and her sometimes candid confessions add a refreshing element to the genre. Christian teens and young women especially could relate to some of Acacia’s personal tribulations, as in her story of how the power of her parents’ prayer put an unchaste boyfriend to sleep. Although she writes with conviction, the messages of this book are non-denominational, and would be appropriate for all Christians.

More importantly, unlike some books of this nature, this is not a stringing together of self-evident clichés without concrete suggestions. Instead, it is full of valuable lessons drawn from life that younger and more mature readers alike will feel that they have gained something from. Readers may find solace in reading the stories. The reason is that through stories we can often use our stories to do two things: First, it helps others to identify with us, to understand that they are not alone. Although it doesn’t make our suffering any easier, it does give us comfort to know that others have gone through some of the same things we have, and so we know there’s a way out of our trouble. Second, our stories allow us to communicate truth. Jesus said that truth would set us free.

One of the most touching stories readers speak about is the author’s brief encounter with Mike, a sprightly and carefree youth of seventeen. A bond develops between them, notwithstanding the hesitation in the boy’s mind about being close with a “church girl”. But before the relationship blooms it is cut short by a tragic road accident, which takes away Mike, adding one more member in his family, whose life was cut short. Despite the devastation, author Acacia takes succor in one thing that Mike had made peace with God as his dying moments revealed. “People die young everyday. My advice is to develop a relationship with Jesus while you’re young. Your next day is not promised! Don’t leave this Earth without knowing Him!” Then the author breaks into an emotionally charged poem in memory of Mike (most of the other poems in the book are written by brother Aaron).

This book is full of such tender moments of truth. This collection of life’s practical and illuminating lessons about the grace of Jesus and power of Faith will definitely endear it to the multitudes, who find teachings of the Bible difficult to comprehend and relate to their own situations.

Note:This book synopsis is a compilation of reviews from readers on Amazon.com

Title: Launch Out Into The Deep

Genre – Christian/Inspirational
Format – Ebook, Audiobook, & Print
Publisher – Self Published with CreateSpace
Release Date – December 2011

Website –www.launchoutbook.com

Purchase Link:


Link to Tour on Main Site – http://www.virtualbooktourcafe.com/3/post/2012/03/launch-out-into-the-deep-by-acacia-beumer-aaron-slaton.html



Acacia Slaton Beumer is a graduate of Oral Roberts University; she will earn her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy in the summer of 2012. She works in the Social Service field and finds a sense of joy from helping others. Her husband John is in the United States Army. She has two daughters; Jana is 3 years old Jaci is 1. Acacia loves to interact with readers and welcomes questions and feedback. Her next project is to write an autobiography about her many life experiences. If you’re interested in contacting Acacia email her at acacia@launchoutbook.com. May you be tremendously blessed and continue to persevere and daily grow in your walk with Christ.

Aaron Slaton is the author of the poetry and one chapter featured in this book. Writing since the age of twelve, Aaron has been gifted with the ability to bring the Scriptures to life through rhythm and rhyme. Aaron is an aspiring songwriter and producer. If you’re interested in contacting Aaron email him at aaron@launchoutbook.com.



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