Oops! Radio:)

Hello Fam:)

I just wanted to drop a little note and say, if you were looking out to hear some great Indie tracks at IndieReview Behind The Scenes today….sorry, there were some technical difficulties…and well, the segment was a big oops!:)

But have no fear:) You can catch it tomorrow…and hear some great tracks from some fabulous Indie Musicians! IndieReview Behind The Scenes is kicking off it’s IndieMix Summer, all music…all the time…great author interviews will be back at the end of August!

So if you are an artist and would like some play time…submit your best songs to www.tweenscribebooks@gmail.com

Hip Hop, Rock, Country etc (any and all…welcomed:)

If you just want to hear some great music and support some wonderful Indie Musicians, please listen to Indie Review Behind The Scenes!

I will have tomorrow’s show link to you right here! So make sure you stop by:)

(Last week’s show w/ guest co-host Author Jaime White..”A.K.A Jaime B. Musings)


Upcoming Tomorrow show link(if there are no more boo boo’s:)


Happy Friday!:)


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