Indiewritersreview’s Music Monday! Feature: Music Artist Charlie Burgess!

Happy Monday! Well, guys it’s Monday again, time to kick the week off to a fabulous start! The best way to do so is with great books and great music! So today is the day at Indiewritersreview where we celebrate the Indie musicians and throw the spotlight on their work:)

So let’s get started and see what came in my Music mailbox this past week!


Listening/Viewing discretion advised!

 Bio: Charlie Burgess (AKA L.C.) is an upcoming singer, rapper, song writer, and performer born in London Ontario but raised in the home town of Chatham. From the beginning Charlie began expressing himself with music, performing leads in his church choirs. As this was happening the music industry was rapidly changing. Hip-hop, rap and R&B music was now becoming mainstream. Creating stars like Boyz 2 men, Mariah Carey New Edition, Michael Jackson and 2pac. So a young performer Charlie bcame influence by these great performers and started a creative expression for himself. He wanted to write his own songs while maintaining his studies in school as he competed in track and field. In 2005 Charlie joined Playasville ENT he started releasing music as an artist. Later on that year Charlie would record his first song and also began social networking with other artists online, collaborating together while building his online following of fans and supporters. Since then Charlie has made a push in his music career creating many online music videos and releasing a large amount of free music for his fans. Earlier this year Charlie released his debut Album “Best in the City” which is on ITunes and more.

Charlie is currently ranked 2nd in all Canada on the Hip Hop Charts. Charlie’s hard work, dedication and massive online following have really started to pay off. LC’s music video for “Girl(It’s Alright, It’s Okay)”, has reached 18000 views on YouTube and his video “Look At Me Now” is currently being played on PPTV in all South-Western Ontario Pizza Pizza Stores!

Charlie will be playing a number of upcoming shows promoting his debut album released January 27th on ITunes.

Upcoming Performances

Friday, June 22th between 6-9PM The 4th Friday Cultural Crawl James St. Wallaceburg, Ontario 

Saturday, June 30th at 9:00PM Lost Souls Hip Hop Showcase at The Stubborn Mule 505 Campbell St. Sarnia, Ontario 

Sunday, July 1st, 2012 Canada Deh Chatham, Ontario 

Thursday, July 12, 2012 Dresden Fair – Rotary Park 7:00pm (With Brooklyn Roebuck) Dresden, Ontario 

Friday, August 24th, 2012 Indie Weekend Chatham, Ontario

Contact info:



Anyone interested in booking Charlie Burgess please contact his manager James Browning


Charlie’s Home Page

ReverbNation Canadian Hip Hop Charts


Charlie`s music video `Look At Me Now`is currently being played in over 200 pizza pizza locations over the GTA




For immediate release

Local Hip Hop Singer and Playasville Entertainment Recording Artist Charlie Burgess(AKA L.C.), has just released his new music Video called “Best In The City”

SWAG  – Charlie Burgess(AKA L.C.) – (Official Video)

Girl(It’s Alright, It’s Okay) – Charlie Burgess(AKA L.C.) (Official Video)


Okay everyone there you have it Music Monday!

There you have it fam:) So if you are a Indie musician or group, and would like to share your work please submit to Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Country…whatever!… we want it all!:)

So send it in and I can share! (Clean submissions please:)

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