Indiewritersreview’s Music Monday! Artist Feature Clayton Duncan

Happy Monday everyone! I just wanted to start the week off right with a little music:) So, I will share what came in my Music Mailbox this past week!

So let’s get to it!


In my Music Mailbox

Listening and viewing discretion is advised

  CTG, born Clayton Duncan is a Virginia native. Growing up in

downtown Newport News, an area absent of motivational influences, he

found his ambition on the basketball court.  CTG has had an ear for

music ever since he was a child, and after a traumatic injury playing

the sport he loved, he found himself focusing on the art of rhyme

instead. His older brother Clifton played a major role in nurturing

this passion for being an entertainer.  With his brother being an

aspiring actor, he encouraged him to stick with the hobby of

recording. That hobby eventually grew into a passion, an obsession

even. As CTG has evolved into the MC that he is today, he has teamed

up with The HeroVillian Brand, who believe in progression above

anything else. Through CTG’s music he wants to inspire people to

believe in themselves and focus on the highs rather than the lows. In

doing so, CTG can truly consider himself the “Hero” of Hip- Hop.

Go check out his music videos!


-Music Videos:

“Written All Over” (60,000+ views)

“Reason For These Words” (1,000+ views)

-Recognition or Press

….”Rookie of The Year” Blendzville Underground Hip-Hop Award —>

….”GRAPEVYN Mixtape of The Week” –


Twitter —> @CTG757 (10,000+ followers) Facebook —> Reverbnation —> Tumblr —> Youtube —> (30,000+ views total)

Check out Music Artist Clayton Duncan’s cool tracks !

The Avengers – CTG ft. LA Gholson [produced by Rob Green] (Radio Edit).mp3



Reason For These Words – CTG [Produced by Mpir3] (Radio Edit).mp3


There you have it fam:) So if you are a Indie musician or group, and would like to share your work please submit to Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Country…whatever!… we want it all!:)

So send it in and I can share! (Clean submissions please:)

Happy Rockin all:)


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