Welcome Author Rose Rodriguez of Grace: An Eternal Beloved Novel!

Hello Everyone! Today I have visiting Indiewritersreview, author Rose Rodriguez of the Grace: An Eternal Beloved Novel. She speaks with me in an awesome interview, and also Ms. Rodriguez will be giving away….., and last I will post my review of  Grace….

So let’s get started:)

Grace Elizabeth Coventry has wanted to die since puberty. Since then, she carries out elaborate plans to end her life. She almost succeeds on her eighteenth birthday, but when an outside force emerges to carry out the deed, an inexplicable survival instinct awakens in her. It’s too late, though. Death has already noticed her. As she hangs on for dear life from the ledge of the Skyway Bridge in Chicago, about to give up to her fate, an unexpected stranger appears to save her, only to be challenged by the ultimate threat. In the end, only she has the power to save herself.

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Mother, Educator, Wife, and Author. My mind wanders with curiousity. My loyalties lie with a time when my life was “so called”, I was full of “Teen Spirit”, and the best love in the world came from a “Champion Lover”. I’m obsessed with the minds of men and women who have made a major difference for humanity. From Jesus to Jared Leto. 🙂 Words are my playground. In them lies my passion. I live in Puerto Rico with my husband and two kids. My works in progress are Chastity: An Eternal Beloved Novel and Renaissance Quest, a children’s book.



Grace: An Eternal Beloved Novel

This book surprised me, it wasn’t what I expected. Now let me say what I expected was good…but it exceeded even my expectations.

I was excited because I could not figure out HOW the author would put a spin on the mysterious stranger aspect…also the main character’s preoccupation with Death, I was wondering to myself… was she some type of Supernatural being… where Death was a type of curse placed on her, to keep her from her true mission? My thoughts were wandering to my mental log of supernatural beings…Faes being the primary image in the forefront of my thoughts, due to the character’s extraordinary beauty…My thoughts were, “okay was he Death and he falls in love with her?” I really was thinking these thoughts, and excited about all of them being a possibility!:)

But Grace:An Eternal Beloved, surprised me by although adding a supernatural element, the VERY frightening panther at the beginning (representing Death, and who I secretly thought was Lucian for half of the book!); to the luscious Lucian, who becomes her saving grace throughout the book. As I continued reading, Grace covered some incredible real world topics, such as teen suicide, teen depression, physical abuse, teen pregnancy…all without any heavy handiness. These topics were filtered in, because simply, this was Grace’s life…due to very bad  choices; but it wasn’t handle like an after school special…(of course there is nothing wrong with after school specials, they provide very needed information to young people…do they even still have them???) Sorry, anyway….these topics were covered and blended so well into the fabric of the story, I didn’t realize until the end, that these elements and the important messages of finding help, and this is not okay was there!

Ms. Rodriguez, keeps the reader in suspense, and the story moves, flows well…I was crazy about Lucian, he stayed by the main character Grace’s side, as her best friend and champion; even when all had given up on her. Crazy action!; with Death fast on Grace’s heels at every turn! I will say…there came a time, when I was literally  so angry at Grace, due to she wouldn’t choose Lucian over Dario…I was incensed…LOL…I forgot that this was a character! Ms. Rodriguez, creates a character that could be your best friend, sister whoever…that you love dearly, but also have strong negative emotions towards, when you see them making futile choices!

Grace:An Eternal Beloved Nove, appears one way, although changes as the story progresses.Like an onion, as you read, the layers peel away, and the story evolves to a surprising end. The story is so much more!

I fully recommend this story for mature teens!



Interview Questions

1- How long have you been writing? When did you realize this was what you wanted to do professionally?

I’ve always wanted to be an author. I’ve had a love affair with books since the age of nine. Shortly after that, I began to write stories. During my teenage years, I wrote in notebooks. I haven’t stopped writing since. After having a freelance writing business for two years, I decided to pursue creative writing, which is my true passion. I researched everything I needed to do aside from actually writing a novel, and I did it.

2. How do you come up with your ideas?

I’m a planner so I have a brainstorming session first for my stories. That’s when I think of the concept, the title, and the message I’m trying to send. I decide how many words I’m going to have in my novel, how many chapters, and how many words for each chapter. Then, I brainstorm the setting and the characters. I develop the character traits and their names. Some names just come to me. I employ the use of a Baby Names book for others. The next thing I do is write an outline of each chapter.

I don’t write the chapters in order. I start writing the chapters for which the ideas are flowing more, then I tackle the rest. For this book, I wrote the last chapter first. Of course, ideas come to me in the middle of the day, or night, so I have a little notebook where I jot those down. I also record ideas on my cell phone when I don’t have pen and paper available. Needless to say, if I ever lose my phone and those recordings are heard, whoever listens to them will probably think I’m crazy.

3. What is your writing schedule like?

It is a challenge to find time to write because I have a full time job, a husband, kids, a house, and dog. Writing is what makes me most happy, so I schedule time to write every day. Because of my limited schedule, I do have a habit of writing for an hour each day.

4. How many books do you have published? Series? Any new series/ books coming up?

Grace is my first published book. It’s also the first book in the Eternal Beloved Novel Series. This series is not a sequel, trilogy, or saga. Each book features a young woman with a certain dilemma in a paranormal romance setting. The next book in the series, Chastity, is coming out this summer. The themes of promiscuity and neglect are explored in this next installment. I am also working on a middle age adventure story called Renaissance Quest.  

5. Do you have any advice for those new to writing, or who may be interested in the indie field?

This is a tough business. While breaking into traditional publishing is brutal, being a self published author is even harder. The best advice I can give an aspiring author is to be persistent. Giving up is not an option in this business. Fortunately, with the appearance of eReaders we have more options to become published.

6. What do you see happening with Independent publishing in the future?

I believe that independent publishing will be the norm, rather than the exception in the future. The world keeps changing! As long as independent writers have readers that support them, it really doesn’t matter if a big publishing house backs you up or not.

7. Have you ever tried traditional publishing and if not, would you?

I made the decision to self publish my book after trying to get published through a traditional publishing house. Although I did find an agent and my manuscript actually got positive feedback from editors, the powers that be didn’t think it was for them at the time. That whole process took about over a year, and I noticed that the publishing world was changing. All that matters to me is to get my message out there, so I researched and got it done on my own. I would try again so that I could have help with the whole process and have more time for my actual writing.

8. What is the most challenging aspect of indie publishing for you?

The most challenging aspect of indie publishing is promoting my book and creating a reader platform. It takes hours and hours of grueling work. It is necessary, though. If you don’t put your book out there, it won’t reach as many readers as you’d like. It’s easier when an author is published by a traditional publishing house because they set up the appearances and take care of everything that goes on behind the scenes. They also provide the funds behind marketing efforts. The author basically has to show up and do their part. A self published author has to do everything on their own from writing the book, to formatting, to editing, to distributing it, and marketing. The amount of efforts you employ in this regard is influenced by your goals. Do you want to make money, or do you want to put your word out there and make the world a better place?


9. What is the best aspect? Would you recommend this to others?

I believe the best aspect of being and independent author is the direct interaction you have with your readers and the reading community. I love this! I would recommend indie publishing to anyone who is serious and responsible about writing and the message they want convey to the world. 

Contact Information

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My eBooks are sold at smashwords.com, B&N, Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Sony, Diesel. Print copies can be purchased at lulu.com. 



Be the first one to email the author at roserodriguez826@gmail.com with the correct answers and win a free eBook copy of the novel. You’ll also be mentioned on the author’s facebook page.

1. The author has muses for the male characters in the story. Guess who the author’s muse for the character of Lucian, one of Grace’s love interests, was.

a. Chris Pine

b. Ian Somerhalder

c. William Levy

2. Who do you think was the muse for Grace’s other love interest?

a- Jonathan Rhys Meyers    c- Ricky Martin

b- Robert Pattinson 

3. Grace plays an instrument. Guess which one it is.

a- the harp

b- the cello

c- the piano

4. Guess where Grace goes on Spring Break.

a- Puerto Rico

b- Florida

c- Canada

5- Unscramble one of the main themes in this book.



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