Welcome Author Morgan Low of Hollow Victory!

Hello Fam:) I am excited to have author Morgan Low of Hollow Victory today on Indiewritersreview:) I will be presenting a Book spotlight/review of Hollow Victory.,..so let’s get started!


Audra Heet is an honor-bound warrior. With potential to become a great soldier, every day is lived trying to honor and bring respect to her family name. Cratas is a leader of a guerrilla organization known as the Traitors. Her life long obsession is overthrowing the Zeyda Dynasty. Jet Sonen is a Marine. Loyal to his friends, a patriot to his cause, and a simple man who deeply loves his nation, the Zeyda Dynasty. Dastar is a narcissistic, cruel, arrogant excuse of a human being, and Cratas’ right hand man. Caring only for himself, his own safety, and most of all, his own amusement.
Truth is a delicate thing and is always dependent on the being. When one truth arises, it sets each of these individuals on a road, which will end with allegiances challenged and sanity questioned. They will either fight for the truth or be destroyed by it




Morgan Low is a Chinese/Caucasian American 17 year old youth, who lives in Washington State. Hollow Victory is his first novel. He’s very thankful for your interest, and would like to encourage you to visit him on Facebook, and to please review his book, if you have read it, in any way you can


http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/from-the-journal-of-mr-norvs-hollow-victory-morgan-t-low/1108179771?ean=9781618428202 http://www.amazon.com/Journal-Norvs-Hollow-Victory-ebook/dp/B006WCGUIG http://ebookstore.sony.com/ebook/morgan-t-low/from-the-journal-of-mr-norvs-hollow-victory/_/R-400000000000000581239


  Let me begin by saying, I felt assured that Hollow Victory would appear very interesting to those who may read this particular genre.

But in all honesty there were a couple doubts in my mind, whether I was the ideal person to offer a review for this particular book.  I had not read much in the way of Science Fiction, and from there stemmed my hesitancy on whether I could really give an accurate review… but I believe that at times it is necessary to come out of the familiar… the comfort zone…

So I did, I opened up the book and had fresh resolve to have an open mind, and guess what? I was not disappointed:) Once I wrapped my mind around  the terminology, and futuristic settings, I was captured and held prisoner in the story!  I fell in love with the main character Audra Heet, and was swept away with her on her mission to uphold the truths that were the foundations of her life.

Morgan is an excellent story-teller,the dialogue was crisp, and the story flowed, it was very well written with lots of kick butt action! This was a fantastic debut novel and I look forward to the second works coming from Mr. Low! Also, this was a great novel for readers being introduced to the Sci Fi genre. This was an interesting story, with characters that you will experience real emotion towards…love, hate…

Morgan Low is a new and welcome light, a writer to watch…

I encourage you to pick up a copy:)