Scavenger Wednesday! Spotlight! World Literary Cafe

Hello Guys:) Happy Hump Day!:) This is the day of the week, where we coast on through to the weekend! Now, of course that’s not our focus, because we’re having a blast EVERYDAY:)

But, for that last few weeks, I have been honored to host some awesome authors and their great books, and there will be more coming! But Scavenger Wednesday had been placed on a temporary hold; so today I wanted to bring it back and do a quick spotlight on a really cool place!

Let’s get started:)

World Literary Cafe “Where Readers and Authors Unite”


There are some great resources available through WLC for readers and authors!

Such as



You’ve written a book!

Now What?

Join the community that

will help YOU succeed–WLC!

World Literary Cafe is  a multi-faceted community that promotes everyone in the literary realm, from readers to authors, editors, reviewers, and author services. Below you will find a few tips on how to use our site.

When getting involved in a community, it’s beneficial to get to know the members. Our forums are perfect for that purpose. Authors and readers can connect in our Reader Forums, and writers can talk shop and swap advice in the Writer or Author Forums.

  • AUTHORS HOSTING AUTHORS: Host and be hosted. Connect with other authors  to facilitate interviews, guest posts, discussions, and giveaways.
  • AUTHOR, READER FORUMS: Connect with readers about your books, post reviews, hold a book club discussion. The possibilities are endless.
  • WRITING FORUMS: Connect with beta readers, form critique groups, or discuss querying, editing, self-publishing, or anything else writing related.

Feeling a bit baffled by social media and the demands of writing, promoting, and networking? Not sure how to build your platform or market your books? WLC founder, and bestselling author, Melissa Foster, will show you the tips, tricks, and tools to understand–and manage–how to do it all while selling your books. Check out these classes:

Cross-promotions offer free exposure for all. A little sweat equity goes a long way, and what better way to grow your followers and readership than expanding while you help your fellow authors? We offer several cross-promotional venues for authors–ALL of these programs are based on reciprocation:

  • TWEET TEAMS: Our Tweet Teams are not just for authors, but for bloggers, reviewers, editors, and others in the literary field. Expand your outreach by joining a team and tweeting each other’s events.
  • The Author-Blogger Connection is now open to connect authors and bloggers to arrange blog tours (giveaways, interviews, reviews, guest posts).
  • The new Read and Review Forum is now available to connect authors and reviewers. Guidelines for both programs are posted in the forums.
  • #ShareTheLove4Authors (Facebook Like Program): More followers, more friends, more community. Get more Facebook likes on your professional pages with #ShareTheLove4Authors.
  • #WLCTwitterFollows: Community works. Join #WLCTwitterFollows to gain followers, spread your wings, and expand your outreach.
  • TAGGING 4 AUTHORS (Amazon Tag Program): Tags are an important part of book marketing. Your book needs tags to be found when readers search for books on Amazon.

Marketing your book is all about exposure. WLC offers many different types of programs that offer excellent exposure. Below are our paid promotions for authors:

  • NEW RELEASE: Have you released a new title? List it in the WLC New Release Promotion and gain a full week of promotions.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANIA: This program maximizes your social media exposure utilizing the World Literary Cafe’s social outreach.
  • TODAY’S HOT TITLE: Next in line for HOT, QUICK exposure. For those budget conscious authors, a front page 23 hour feature utilizing the World Literary Cafe’s moderated social outreach.
  • SPECIAL PROMOTIONS: Announced on an on-going basis.

On a tight budget? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Check out our free promotions. Due to the extraordinary interest in our free promotions, there may be a waiting period for certain programs.

  • FREE EBOOK FRIDAYEvery Friday we give away TWO free ebooks to WLC members. Want to gain free exposure? This is a great program.
  • AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Get front page exposure on WLC with a fun and thought provoking Author Spotlight interview.
  • CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Give your readers something new–Let your characters speak to the readers in this interactive interview.
  • INDIEKINDLE: Stop tweeting your own horn! We’ll tweet your book.



When getting involved in a community, it’s beneficial to get to know the members. Our forums are perfect for that purpose. Readers and authors can connect in our Reader Forums, leave reviews, and even develop book club connections. If you’re an aspiring author, try our Writing Forums where you can talk shop and swap advice.

The information below is for our readers. If you are interested in becoming part of our Review Team, Blogger Support, or Author-Blogger Connection program, please visit our JOIN OUR TEAM page.

  • BETA READERS: Do you have an unusual ability to critique literature? Can you spot when a story flows and when characters are well developed? If so, join our Beta Reader forum and connect with authors. Please understand that not all beta readers will be accepted. Authors usually look for strong editorial skills, strong critiquing background, and above all, avid readers who care about well-written literature.
  • READER FORUMS: Connect with authors about their books, post reviews, request a book club discussion. The possibilities are endless.
  • WRITING FORUMS: Are you an aspiring authors, or perhaps you write as a hobby, this is a great forum for connecting with other writers and discussing the craft. Connect with beta readers, form critique groups, or discuss querying, editing, self-publishing, or anything else writing related.

Mark your calendars! Every month we schedule events for that our readers can count on. Discover new authors along with household names. Below is a list of dates that you can count on each month. Be sure to check in often for special promotions and events!

  • EVERY DAY: Our Elite Blog Team brings funny, insightful content about literature, writing, and life to the World Literary Cafe. Discover new authors with our weekly Author Spotlights and Character Interviews. Character interviews are given with from the character’s point of view.
  • EVERY FRIDAY: WLC members receive TWO FREE Ebooks with our Free Ebook Friday event. Ebooks are typically available in every format. You must be registered AND logged in to claim your free ebooks. No catch, no strings, just good ol’ ebooks!
  • FIRST WEEK OF EVERY MONTH: WLC features NEW RELEASES from WLC members. Be sure to stop by and discover new authors and new titles from authors you know and love.
  • THIRD WEEK OF THE MONTH: WLC hosts the READ AND REVIEW program the third week of each month. Our team of vetted reviewers review the books throughout the month, and the reviews are made public during the promotion. We encourage readers to review the books and post the reviews in our Reader Forum, and on the Read And Review page.

Want to know what your favorite authors are doing day-to-day? What better way then following them on Facebook and Twitter?

  • #ShareTheLove4Authors (Facebook Like Program): More followers, more friends, more community. Visit this page and click the links to “Like” your favorite author’s Facebook fan page. We’re sorry, but we don’t allow the posting of profile pages.
  • #WLCTwitterFollows: Community works. Join #WLCTwitterFollows to follow your favorite uthors, gain followers, and spread your wings.

We love to hear your suggestions and comments! Want to commend the site and/or volunteers? Please leave a testimonial. If you have suggestions or would like to tell us what’s on your wish list, please fill out our suggestion form. We would love to hear from you


Fam:) at World Literary Cafe there are contest, Free Book Fridays, Articles and more!

So go and check it out! Happy Scavenger Wednesday!