Welcome William Bortz of These Ties

Hello Everyone! Today my guest is Author William Bortz of These Ties. I will be sharing a review today…

 -Author William Bortz

These Ties is a compilation of poetry and short stories written about the most important discovery of my life; love. A journey westward mended the friction of a relationship I had with my mother, my friends, and myself by finding what really mattered in life; beauty and passion.

These are available at Friesen Press.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.com


“…We find that this earth, continuously turns. And the fires that power it, continuously burn. The sounds that we hear, are nothing to fear. But the creation of us, and everything that we love. We find that we are all a part, of the same beating heart. And right where we end up, is right where we start.”



These  Ties contain poetry and stories that are thought provoking and genuine…Each narrative contains views from the point of view of a teller, who appears to have decided, to stop circling on life’s carousel and focus on more of the fundamentals…love, self awareness, self fulfillment, self identity, the velvet bonds between parent and child…

My favorite is Merlot and the Moon, which the speaker appears to be an impassioned young man still wrapped in the arms of first love…with all the vibrant, exuberance of one bent on waiting, and remembering the girl who inhabits his dreams;

THESE TIES is a lush and bountiful banquet for the romantic soul….

and if you aren’t that romantic…well, give it a try and maybe it will help:)


William Bortz is a 20 year old male from the Midwest. He is a guitar player, music lover, and first time author of the book ‘These Ties’. “All I simply want out of life is to inspire.”