Music Monday!

Hello Hello…the weekend goes so fast, doesn’t it? It’s Monday again, now for some, well there might be some Monday blues, but around here ,we LOVE Mondays, because it’s Music Mondays at Indiewritersreview! The day where I share what I received in my Music mailbox:) So let’s see what I have…

(Listening discretion is advised) and I hope you like these …I sure did, I believe there is something for everyone!

Happy Rockin!



Vol. 3 represents the conclusion of the Hippie Sabotage Volume Series.  After reflecting on both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, we started Vol. 3 with the intentions of constructing a project with a stronger, more unified tone.  Escaping the traditional patterns and loops of instrumental hip hop we attempted to build each beat around lush instrumentation and hard hitting drums combined with new experimental synth timbres.  As each beat progresses towards the unexpected we continually try to bend the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in Hip Hop.  From Polish Prog Pop to Turkish Jazz we hope their is something in there for everybody.


released 09 April 2012
Executive Producers: So Crates & Sour Beats
Featured Producer: Chase Moore
Photography by Dennis Brodsky
Design by Stephanie Iadanza


Artist : Lucky Live
Name of the Song: That Fly
Producer : Young Ju
Album: Visionary Dame Mixtape
Location: Austin, Texas
Hometown: Inglewood, California
Click to hear THAT FLY and other great songs by this artist!(at her website)
Contact Information:
Twitter: @luckylivemusic
Quick Bio:
Lucky Live is the only female rapper from the electrifying indie record label Notorious Music Group based out of Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas. She is known for her story telling abilities, self-assured attitude, and her hipster choice of clothing. In March of 2011, Lucky dropped her anticipated debut mixtape The Warning. With it only being April, Lucky Live has dropped her first single That Fly off of her upcoming mixtape Visionary Dame which is projected to get international exposure. Additionally, she recently released her hipster style clothing line also titled Visionary Dame in April 2012. Visionary Dame the mixtape will show her growth as well as who she is as an artist and an individual.


    Visionary Dame Mixtape

Check this out! Lucky Live T-Shirt and…

The Launch of Visionary Dame Clothing Line

A V A I L A B L E   N O W (Sneak Peek of clothing line go to

Visionary Dame Clothing will consist of Crewnecks, Tanks, and T-shirts for both Men & Women
The brand Visionary Dame is a branch off of her second mixtape!
Be on the Look Out!

2 thoughts on “Music Monday!

  1. This is so funny. I’ve had Fun’s “We Are Young” in my head all morning. No Monday blues around here. It’s a bank holiday long weekend so no work today, yay 🙂 I like this version of the song, slightly eerie which is just up my alley.

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