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Hello Everyone! I have a very special guest stopping by Indiewritersreview today, the distinguished Mohana, who has penned several exceptional works including the Colored and Other Stories, which will be reviewed today.




I was captured by the title of this collection of stories. Colored and Other Stories, a title to hold attention. I was curious in what angle the stories would be told, what message given… sent with the hope it will be grasped by the readers.I wondered would it be history? A retelling of lives lived?

Well, I stopped questioning and I opened the book. I fell into the world of the various peoples that were affected individually by the outside world for the color of their skin, their traditions as well as from their own culture.

Ranging from Dashi, a prisoner of her own society’s tradition to Ganesh, judged for the color of his skin, except by the one who sacrificed herself, regardless of the fact that she was the color of those who caused the torment…she helped Ganesh, because she saw more  in him.

The stories were told with a lyrical quality, that did not stay focused on the negatives, but showed the hope, that was to be found by the characters in their individual stories, and the love given to them by those that surrounded them.

The stories, touched my own emotions  that ranged from tears to anger and then finally joy.

These are stories that are important, that can open eyes, give understanding, if the reader is open to receive. Even today, the messages in the stories are relevant…I recommend this book to all ages, because all can find a gem that will give understanding in relating to one another…not just on the subject of race, but just as human beings.


 Author Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar.

Inspired by the Moment

Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

Stories are about context so where you are, whether age, historically speaking or geographically shapes what I’m writing. I’m interested in different things now than I was in my teens, or even twenties. These shifting interests take shape in characters, plot, setting and theme.

Coloured and Other Stories is made up of stories I wrote while a graduate student in 2002. It took nearly ten years and the advent of ebooks to be able to bring these stories directly to readers. The stories in this collection are a kind of coming of age of the ruminations I was contemplating in my twenties. What’s it like being the ant in the ice cream? The characters in this short story collection will show you; experience life as they know it as transplants from across the world into American suburbia.

Adapted from real life anecdotes both mine and those of others, I go deep into the world of the South Asian immigrant living the American Dream. Think of me as a cultural translator for those who you may not notice otherwise, living in the margins of our cities.

“The sight of his feet, white, broad toes, and clean, short-clipped nails startled her. Americans normally wore their shoes everywhere; they had special shoes to wear inside their houses, shoes specifically for their bedrooms.”


I’ve got four others books published as well, including this short story collection; a novel, and writer’s guide, as well as a momior. Check out my Facebook page and see which one suits you.

Mohana: @moha_doha www.mohanalakshmi.com