Welcome Author Morgan Low of Hollow Victory!

Hello Fam:) I am excited to have author Morgan Low of Hollow Victory today on Indiewritersreview:) I will be presenting a Book spotlight/review of Hollow Victory.,..so let’s get started!


Audra Heet is an honor-bound warrior. With potential to become a great soldier, every day is lived trying to honor and bring respect to her family name. Cratas is a leader of a guerrilla organization known as the Traitors. Her life long obsession is overthrowing the Zeyda Dynasty. Jet Sonen is a Marine. Loyal to his friends, a patriot to his cause, and a simple man who deeply loves his nation, the Zeyda Dynasty. Dastar is a narcissistic, cruel, arrogant excuse of a human being, and Cratas’ right hand man. Caring only for himself, his own safety, and most of all, his own amusement.
Truth is a delicate thing and is always dependent on the being. When one truth arises, it sets each of these individuals on a road, which will end with allegiances challenged and sanity questioned. They will either fight for the truth or be destroyed by it




Morgan Low is a Chinese/Caucasian American 17 year old youth, who lives in Washington State. Hollow Victory is his first novel. He’s very thankful for your interest, and would like to encourage you to visit him on Facebook, and to please review his book, if you have read it, in any way you can


http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/from-the-journal-of-mr-norvs-hollow-victory-morgan-t-low/1108179771?ean=9781618428202 http://www.amazon.com/Journal-Norvs-Hollow-Victory-ebook/dp/B006WCGUIG http://ebookstore.sony.com/ebook/morgan-t-low/from-the-journal-of-mr-norvs-hollow-victory/_/R-400000000000000581239


  Let me begin by saying, I felt assured that Hollow Victory would appear very interesting to those who may read this particular genre.

But in all honesty there were a couple doubts in my mind, whether I was the ideal person to offer a review for this particular book.  I had not read much in the way of Science Fiction, and from there stemmed my hesitancy on whether I could really give an accurate review… but I believe that at times it is necessary to come out of the familiar… the comfort zone…

So I did, I opened up the book and had fresh resolve to have an open mind, and guess what? I was not disappointed:) Once I wrapped my mind around  the terminology, and futuristic settings, I was captured and held prisoner in the story!  I fell in love with the main character Audra Heet, and was swept away with her on her mission to uphold the truths that were the foundations of her life.

Morgan is an excellent story-teller,the dialogue was crisp, and the story flowed, it was very well written with lots of kick butt action! This was a fantastic debut novel and I look forward to the second works coming from Mr. Low! Also, this was a great novel for readers being introduced to the Sci Fi genre. This was an interesting story, with characters that you will experience real emotion towards…love, hate…

Morgan Low is a new and welcome light, a writer to watch…

I encourage you to pick up a copy:)

Scavenger Wednesday! Spotlight! World Literary Cafe

Hello Guys:) Happy Hump Day!:) This is the day of the week, where we coast on through to the weekend! Now, of course that’s not our focus, because we’re having a blast EVERYDAY:)

But, for that last few weeks, I have been honored to host some awesome authors and their great books, and there will be more coming! But Scavenger Wednesday had been placed on a temporary hold; so today I wanted to bring it back and do a quick spotlight on a really cool place!

Let’s get started:)

World Literary Cafe “Where Readers and Authors Unite”


There are some great resources available through WLC for readers and authors!

Such as



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So go and check it out! Happy Scavenger Wednesday!

Welcome Pretty In Black and Black Satin’s Rae Hachton!

Hello Hello guys:) Hope you’re having a pretty awesome holiday! Today, I believe I have a feature that will just rock out your Memorial Day even more! I am a tourhost with Supa Gurl Tours; so today, I am hosting a great guest post from author Rae Hachton of Pretty In Black, (on tour now); and today’s new release Black Satin! The Black Satin Tour will kick off June 01st!


Some Things are Pretty. Some Things are Black. Love is both.

[Ellie Piper]

She wanted to die. He arose from the grave. He was sent to kill her. She was trained to kill those of his kind. But fate had other plans. He searched for 119 years to find her. & There’s no way in hell he’s letting her go. Dead or Alive. They’re fated.

[Marcus Marble]

How far would you go to be with the one you love? Would you die for her? Would you kill for her? What if the only reason you’re still alive is because of her? What if the reason you came back from the dead, was to be with her? But what if your job was to kill her, but you fell in love instead? And now you’re being hunted by your own kind?

Destroy? Or be Destroyed?


How far would you go to be with the one you love? Would you die for her? Would you kill for her? What if the only reason you’re still alive is because of her? What if the reason you came back from the dead, was to be with her? But what if your job was to kill her, but you fell in love instead? And now you’re being hunted by your own kind?

Destroy? Or be Destroyed?

[May 28, 2012 release date]

What if you weren’t who you thought you were?
What if your whole life changed in an instant and you were released to a new identity?

What if you were forced to kill the one you love?
What if everything you knew wasn’t real, and you awaken to a new world?

What if love could take you to unknown places?

How beautiful is death really?

Marcus Marble has disappeared from Ellie’s life, and she needs answers to questions and he’s the only one who can answer them.

How is her sister back from the dead, and why is Ellie still alive?

When Ellie realizes Marcus isn’t coming back, she is forced to move on with her life the best way she can, in hopes of finding the answers herself, but when people at school begin to be viciously murdered, and Giles reveals to her a life changing secret, she decides to investigate the possible truth of it. What she discovers is more than she thought she would.

The only time Ellie feels normal is when she’s around Walter, the new guy at school. And normal is how she wants to feel, now that Marcus is gone from her life.

But Walter may not be all that he seems, either, and she just might spiral in to an even more dark world, she never thought possible.

And when it occurs to her that Marcus has made the decision to pass on through to the afterlife, during the Risorgimento, she races against time to stop him, while knowing she has feelings for Walter, too.

Will she make it in time to stop Marcus from passing through, and if she does, what will she tell Walter?

Her heart will have to make the final decision.

But will the choice be worth dying for?



Rae Hachton [pronounced H-ton] is the nom de plume of author Desirae Hennington. She is the Indie Author of the Gothic Romance series Pretty in Black. She is twenty-three years old and lives with her Muse and her Ghost. When she is not composing new novels, she is working on her cinematography studies, and devouring YA books. Her favorite band is The Raveonettes, and she is a major fan of Edgar Allan Poe and Ravens and Crows. Although she is writing Gothic Fiction at the moment, her favorite genre of all time is Contemporary YA. Favorite contemporary book: tie between Forever by Judy Blume and the Summer I turned Pretty series by Jenny Han. Favorite author: David Levithan. If Rae Hachton wasn’t writing, she’d give it one last shot at being kewl, and probably start a band.

Links to buy books :

Amazon –



Barnes & Noble –

Nook Book



Enter to win  some fantastic prizes:

A poster for Pretty in Black
A poster for Black Satin
Assortment of PIB bookmarks, magnets, and stickers
A signed Deluxe Edition of Pretty in Black which will include books one and two under one binding.
It is a tourwide giveaway and winners  are chosen by Rafflecopter…click link to find out more details and how to enter! pretty-in-black-tour-kicks-off-by-rae.html
GUEST POST    On the Road of Independent Writing

How did you start on the road to self publishing? And what advice would you give
to those looking to self publish?
This is a question I have never been asked before. The short answer is: I landed into Indie Publishing by mistake.
But my story goes a little something like this: I thought I wanted to be a writer, but when I graduated High School and began College I ended up taking Cinematography/Graphic Design media because what I really, really, really wanted to be was an independent Filmmaker. I even got a scholarship to attend SCAD.
But here is where things take a twist: I never thought I would actually ever finish a Manuscript because I was so used to writing Film scripts and those were totally shorter than a 60,000-100,000 word novel and I considered myself more of a visualizer.
But when I ended up actually completing a fun Manuscript at the age of 19, [now known as Maybe, Maybe Not] I thought, perhaps I can do this whole novel thing.
2 and a half years later and nope, nothing else came to me, so I kept working on the whole independent film thing.
But then, March 2011 happens and I am inspired for Pretty in Black. I have told several people exactly how the idea came to me. I never once thought that it should be a film script, so I instantly began writing it as a novel.
After I had completed it, one of the main characters, Marcus Marble comes to me in a vision and tells me that not only did I get some of the facts wrong but that he wanted a voice in the book. I wasn’t sure how to give him his voice, but I was instructed to look back at one of the movie scripts I’d written for a Film class.
The Script was called Amaranthine and it was about vampires. His instructions were clear. He said Hey, that vampire Gabriel is totally ME, but I don’t like the rest of the cast. I don’t want to be part of Amaranthine, I want to be in the novel Pretty in Black.
So it became clear to me. I extracted from that script everything that was Marcus and then completely abandoned it. And Pretty in Black had to be shortened so it wouldn’t give away everything at once.
So that’s how it came to be. The reason I decided to even publish either of the books, was because
1. I thought it would be a fun project/hobby that would incorporate some of my design/story telling skills
2. I was following Amanda Hocking at the time, who was just seeing some success from self-publishing. I didn’t even know there was such an actual thing.
I didn’t intend to continue doing this, but after Pretty in Black began to receive positive feedback and gain readers, I decided that I would continue and so I have.
But it is a LOT of work. I write the book and then design the cover for it, too. I also do the interior layout of each book.  I design everything, including the graphics on my website, and on my book swag, etc. However, I do have an editor.
Indie Filmmaking is what I wanted to do. Indie Publishing is what I’m doing now. And I’m using the same exact dedication I would if I were making a film.
So, I never thought to query an agent and get a traditional publisher. And I really like Indie Publishing because I can be as creative as I want and it feels really arty.
I don’t have to have someone “approve” my story, etc before I can move forward, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t or wouldn’t want someone to do so and this doesn’t mean that I think everything I’m doing is perfect either, but what it means is that I am growing as an artist and I still have tons to learn.
I’m 23 and I work at this every day of the week, including weekends. Indie Publishing was not something I just decided I wanted to do. If I knew I was going to end up writing books, I probably would’ve tried the whole Agent + Publisher thing, which would’ve probably been preferable.
I wish I could give some enlightening and inspirational advice to aspiring Indie Authors, but I believe that the road to being an author, Indie or Traditional, is unique to each and every writer. And I’ve been doing this less than a year, so my advice would not be entirely credible.
The only thing I can say is if you are a writer, you will be the best one to decide which path to take.
A Big thanks to Author Rae Hachton for stopping by! And also to Supa Gurl Tours!

Welcome William Bortz of These Ties

Hello Everyone! Today my guest is Author William Bortz of These Ties. I will be sharing a review today…

 -Author William Bortz

These Ties is a compilation of poetry and short stories written about the most important discovery of my life; love. A journey westward mended the friction of a relationship I had with my mother, my friends, and myself by finding what really mattered in life; beauty and passion.

These are available at Friesen Press.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.com


“…We find that this earth, continuously turns. And the fires that power it, continuously burn. The sounds that we hear, are nothing to fear. But the creation of us, and everything that we love. We find that we are all a part, of the same beating heart. And right where we end up, is right where we start.”



These  Ties contain poetry and stories that are thought provoking and genuine…Each narrative contains views from the point of view of a teller, who appears to have decided, to stop circling on life’s carousel and focus on more of the fundamentals…love, self awareness, self fulfillment, self identity, the velvet bonds between parent and child…

My favorite is Merlot and the Moon, which the speaker appears to be an impassioned young man still wrapped in the arms of first love…with all the vibrant, exuberance of one bent on waiting, and remembering the girl who inhabits his dreams;

THESE TIES is a lush and bountiful banquet for the romantic soul….

and if you aren’t that romantic…well, give it a try and maybe it will help:)


William Bortz is a 20 year old male from the Midwest. He is a guitar player, music lover, and first time author of the book ‘These Ties’. “All I simply want out of life is to inspire.”

Welcome Author Donna Grant of Midnight’s Master

Hello everyone:) Today, joining me at Indiewritersreview, is Author Donna Grant who is now on tour with  Midnight’s  Master, presented by Innovative Online Book Tours…Ms. Grant is our Guest poster today as we celebrate her whirlwind tour! So check it out:)













From the acclaimed author of the Dark Sword novels comes a thrilling spin off series in which ancient magic in the modern world ignites a timeless passion…


Gwynn Austin has no idea why her father has disappeared on a mysterious trip to Scotland. When she goes on a desperate mission to search for him she finds more than she bargains for in a ruggedly handsome, wickedly exciting Highlander who exudes danger and mystery. And when she discovers her own link to Scotland, she’ll have to trust her heart to help lead her….


The youngest of the Warriors, he’s always ready with a smile. He’s the loyal one, the Warrior who will never abandon his brothers, but the secrets of his past won’t lossen their hold and the darkness threatens to swallow him.


April 1470


1488God:Athleus, god of betrayal

Warrior Color:


Abilities: Control over water

Propelled through time by powerful Druid Magic, Logan Hamilton uses his immortality and powers of the god inside him to help prevent the awakening of an ancient evil in the modern world. He never expects to find help in the form of a beautiful, alluring, and all too tempting woman whose passion and strength matches his own. Together, Logan and Gywnn must fight for their love—before a demon from the past destroys them both…

Midnight Master’s Buy link http://www.amazon.com/Midnights-Master-Dark-Warrior-1/dp/0312552483/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1336602789&sr=8-1



Donna Grant is the bestselling, award winning author of more than twenty-five novels spanning multiple genres of romance.

She was born and raised in Texas but loves to travel. Her adventures have taken her throughout the United States as well as to Jamaica, Mexico, and Scotland. Growing up on the Texas/Louisiana border, Donna’s Cajun side of the family taught her the “spicy” side of life while her Texas roots gave her two-steppin’ and bareback riding.

Her childhood dream was to become a professional ballet dancer and study under the amazing Mikhail Baryshnikov. Though she never got to meet Baryshnikov, she did make it to New York City and performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Later, Donna’s love of the romance genre and the constant stories running through her head prompted her to sit down and write her first book. Once that book was completed, there was no turning back.

Donna sold her first book in November 2005 while displaced from Hurricane Rita, a storm that destroyed portions of the Texas Gulf Coast. Since then, Donna has sold novels and novellas to both electronic and print publishers. Her books include several complete series such as Druids Glen, The Shields, Royal Chronicles, Sisters of Magic, Dark Sword, Dark Warriors, and her new series, Dark Kings.

Despite the deadlines and her voracious reading, Donna still manages to keep up with her two young children, four cats, three fish, and one long haired Chihuahua. She’s blessed with a proud, supportive husband who loves to read and travel as much as she does.

Donna’s Website  http://www.donnagrant.com/



The recurring theme of good versus evil shows up in movies and books more often than not.  There’s a reason for that, I believe.  It begins with the choices we make and the circumstances we find ourselves in daily.  Every decision, every path we take could take us to good or evil ends.

In MIDNIGHT’S MASTER, the first book in my Dark Warriors series (a continuation of the Dark Sword series), it’s about good versus evil.  Evil has many forms.  To some it could be the co-worker who never shuts up, or plays their music too loud in the next cubicle.  It could be the neighbor who won’t mow their lawn or the devious kid down the street who vandalizes things.  A “friend” who sabotages everything we do.  Or it could be the person out to do you physical harm.

I wanted the “evil” part of my series to be truly wicked, a person who didn’t think twice about doing whatever needed to be done to get what they wanted.  There’s something about knowing someone has aligned themselves with the Devil that gives me the willies.  And it fit with what I needed in my series.

But sometimes one villain isn’t enough.  What if there are two?  It raises the stakes for the characters for sure, but what if those two villains combine forces?  Will the hero/heroine win?

So just how evil are my villains in MIDNIGHT’S MASTER?  As Druids, Deirdre and Declan are given a choice to continue on the path of true magic or undergo a ceremony where their souls are given to the Devil, making them drough, or the practitioner of black magic.  Of course, both choose the evil path, but for two very different reasons.  Deirdre has been alive for over a thousand years.  She’s always craved power, to have men bow down at her feet.  She feels like becoming a drough is part of her destiny, as is ruling the world.

Declan, on the other hand, becomes drough because of the tales of Deirdre.  He’s from the modern world where many of his family have turned away from magic.  She inspires him, and in doing so, he wants to be with her.  Imagine her surprise when Declan brings her forward in time.

Deirdre knows just how to put people in circumstances that will leave them no choice but to align themselves with her or risk those they love.  Her black magic combined with her ever-growing number of allies puts her in a position to attain everything she wants and more.  Declan might not have Deirdre eager to join forces, but he isn’t about to give up on her.  Or the fact he wants to rule the world beside her.  There’s just one thing in their way – a small group of men and women who will do anything to stop them.  No matter the costs.

By the same token, I also have Druids who use their magic for good.  The heroine in MIDNIGHT’S MASTER is special because she has no idea of her magic until she comes to Scotland.  Gwynn discovers much more about magic, Druids, and Warriors than she ever wanted to know.  Her ability to communicate with the wind will be an important factor in whether she overcomes the odds stacked against her.  Yet, when she’s called to defend an ancient artifact that is destined to be hers, she doesn’t disappoint herself or the one man – Logan – counting on her.

Other heroines have special magic as well like healing, talking to trees, helping plants to grow, or seeing the future.  But always they use their magic to help people and fight evil.

What’s your favorite good vs evil movie, TV show, or book?

I’ll be giving away a signed copy of DARKEST HIGHLANDER, the sixth book in the Dark Sword series, and the book that sets up the new Dark Warriors to a commenter.

To find out more about me please visit my website at

www.donnagrant.com.  To read more about the Dark Sword series, see pics of the Warriors, take the quiz, download wallpaper, search characters, or watch the book trailers, please visit www.donnagrant.com/darksword.



 Thanks to Author Donna Grant for this great post!

and fam” be sure to leave your best comment to win a chance at this signed copy


Author Jaime White of The Life And Times Of Noone In Particular!

Happy-y-y Tuesday Everyone!!! I am so glad today because Indiewritersreview is helping with the release day festivities of Author Jaime White’s new book… The Life And Times Of Noone In Particular!!! Today will be a book spotlight and I am giving an In-progress review (mini review), with a more detailed review coming later!

Let’s get started!

Beware the muse with a chip on her shoulder.

Muses are often called uncooperative, grumpy, lazy beings who abandon a writer when they’re needed most. Now, one of them has decided to tell their side of the story. Meet Clarissa, a muse who has spent centuries trying to inspire artists who sometimes are too stubborn to listen to her.

What is your muse trying to say to you? Clarissa might just be able to answer that…

Buy a copy here! ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1337682200&sr=8-1


Jamie B. Musings is a music addict, book lover, pet servant & NaNoWriMo survivor. When she’s not busy writing posts for CultureShock, she’s taking pictures for her new obsession (That Photo Blog) and spending time with her husband and pets. Her first book, The Life and Times of No One in Particular, is slated to be released in May.

www.jamiebmusings.webs.com www.jbcultureshock.wordpress.com www.jamiebmusingspics.wordpress.com www.twitter.com/jamiebmusings www.facebook.com/jamiebmusings


REVIEW(In-progress review…a more detailed review is coming!:)

I was fascinated with the story concept and the synopsis right from the start. I had always heard about…”Muses” and thought these beings deserved a little more limelight:) So here was a story about one of those very helpful, sometimes finicky beings, themselves!

Author Jaime White has a writing style that is fresh, and fun…with rhytm and tone that upholds her musical passion:) (At least that is my take on it!:) The story is told from the viewpoint of Clarissa, who is basically tired of the disparaging remarks of humans and is determined to set the record straight!

She tells her story through various vignettes that takes the readers from the Cavemen days to present days. We also learn where Muses originated from, the history regarding their society; about the rivalries that exist between the Muses. Such as the rivalry between Clarissa and her nemesis Melody, who Clarissa states that Melody is a source of inspiration for her….yes, even Muses need inspiration!

The story is witty, and draws you in….and I must say, makes one ashamed for any negative remark whispered about these inspirational beings! Clarissa recalls the days when gifts were offered to the Muses in thanks for their aid….

Maybe that’s not such a bad idea….hmmm…:)

Fun, witty…great debut! A must read:)

Author Kinley Baker’s “Denied” cover reveal and Music Feature:Kidd Russell!

Happy Monday fam:)

I hope you had an awesome weekend, and now are ready for this wonderful upcoming week:) My fabulous guest today are sure to help you get started on the right foot!

Today Indiewritersreview is featuring Kinley Baker’s Denied Book#2(Shadowed Love series) and Music Monday Feature: Artist Kidd Russell and his new song   “Pulaski Day” the first single off Bananabeat Records/ The Orchard Deal. Check out the cool, Pulaski video at the end of the post…

Quick note: I just wanted to mention that the fabu Jaime B. Musings of the awesome blospot CULTURE SHOCK! too-big-to-judge(click to see site); Jaime will come on board to do a few guest co-host spots on Indiewritersreview’s radios segment….IndieReview Behind The Scenes during this summer!!!! Woo Hoo! I appreciate Jaime’s particpation and we’re looking forward to a rockin summer!


So let’s get started! First a Bewitching Book Tour presentation                                                                                                                    bewitchingbooktours.blogspot.com




By Kinley Baker

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Crescent Moon Press

When invaders brutally massacred the women and children of the Varner, Caleb witnessed loss and destruction on a scale few can comprehend. As the leader of a race on the brink of extinction, his only hope for survival is gaining acceptance into the Shadow Shifter Kingdom. Struggling with new customs, he meets Tabitha, a woman who challenges his limits.

Refused the right to join the king’s guard because of her gender, Tabitha must be stronger than the men to prove she deserves to be the first accepted female Warrior in the kingdom. She believes Caleb will help improve her abilities, until she learns her goals conflict with the foundation of his culture.

When the realm is attacked, Tabitha and Caleb must come together not only to fight, but to find the strength to win against an evil with the potential to destroy everything they revere most–including each other.

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Kinley Baker is the author of the fantasy romance novel, Ruined. She read her first romance at the age of thirteen and immediately fell in love with the hero and the genre. She lives with her husband and her dog, Joker, in the Pacific Northwest. As a firm supporter of all supernatural lifestyles, she writes fantasy romance, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy.

You can find Kinley at www.kinleybaker.com









Kidd Russell’s phone calls with Brandy and Ray J’s mom Sonja Norwood about management lead to him working with Cisco Adler in the studio.

Currently in the studio with Cisco Adler, Andy “Rok” Guerro of the flobots & his own team working on his new album Pulaski Day.

Youtube Views: Over 2,000,000 youtube views

Facebook Fans: 5k

Twitter: 3,000

Myspace: 90,000 fans

Over 150 weeks of consecutive Itunes Sales

Kidd Russell used to free style on roof tops with professional wrestler Colt Cabana (WWE, ROH, MTV) while in high school. Colt encourage Kidd to pursue his music career and even booked his first show at a wrestling/rap concert in Cleveland, Ohio. Kidd turned his college radio production class into music business 101. Instead of completing assignments he used his studio time to record songs that spread around his APU campus.

After leaving college and returning to Chicago he built a reputation as one of the hardest working artist in the region. Self releasing, promoting and managing his career Kidd has had his music videos played on MTV2, MTV Jams, placed over 25 songs on TV including the TV theme song to Ring of Honor Wrestling “Rush RockRemix.”  That same music video caught the attention of Sonja Norwoodmother/manager of Brandy & Ray J. Her guidance lead Kidd to working with Cisco Adler. Together and with collaborator Ross Golan they crafted an epic EP titled “Pulaski Day.” Before the EP has even been released its already had 2 singles licensed to an upcoming Skate Board focused android game being put out by www.distinctivegames.com.

Kidd’s songs have been seen on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club, Food Networks Anthony Bordains No Reservations, ESPN and many more. Over the last few years Kidd and his homeless Dj John Blaze have shared the stage with Shwayze, The Roots, Common, The Flobots, Uncle Kracker, Nappy Roots, Chris Webby, G Love, The Deans List, Oncue, AER, MOD SUN, Mickey Avalon and many more.

twitter.com/kiddrussell facebook.com/kiddrussellmusic www.youtube.com/kiddrussell www.kiddrussellmusic.com

Albums: UNTIED (2006) Singles: Suburban Anthropology, Untied, In the Morning

The Dash (2009) Singles: Dear Shooter, Rush Rock Remix

Backyard Heroes (2010) Singles: She Feels Like Home, E North Ave, Backyard Heroes

2012 Upcoming Releases

Pulaski Day EP

Hoodie Season EP (acoustic)

Discography 1) THE DEMO (2004) 2) UNTIED (2006) 3) THE DASH EP (Oct 2009) 4) BACKYARD HEROES (May 2010) 6) Pulaski Day (2012) 7) Hoodie Season  (2012) acoustic Rudy Ruettiger Mixtape (2012)

OPENED FOR The Roots (twice) The FLOBOTS (twice) Chris Webby (twice) Common The Deans List Oncue Aer OCD: Moosh & Twist Logic Shwayze Hi Rez Uncle Cracker Tech 9 Mr. Lif (twice) N.A.S.A G Love and the special sauce Mickey Avalon Nappy Roots Animate Objects Glacier Hiking GLC


Kidd Russell says:

” I wish, I was in Chicago song “Pulaski Day” my first single off Bananabeat Records/ The Orchard Deal. Its already at 145,000 views its been on wgn morning news, wgn radio, Jonathan Brandmeier, The Chicagoist, The Redeye, The Tribune, Aol Music and more.

It’s Produced by Cisco Adler. We do various styles of music we call it alternative hip hop mixing reggae, rock, pop and hip hop together and even rockabilly.

I wrote this song because I love Chicago, Pulaski Day was always a great holiday growing up you got school off, now you get work off and its a great 3 day weekend that symbolizes summers around the corner and we know Chicago Summers are the best.”

Itunes Link -> http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pulaski-day-feat.-cisco-adler/id506969170

Acoustic Version -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJIw1DKO1_Y

Youtube Direct Link -> Youtube Link http://youtu.be/8PehRPYbhCg (this version has full HD)

Kidd Russel on Bananabeat Records (Cisco Adler, Shwayze, Mickey Avalon, Mod Sun) http://bananabeat.com/music/kid-russell/

Twitter  @kiddrussell

facebook.com/kiddrussellmusic www.kiddrussellmusic.com

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