Welcome Author John Zunski of Cemetary Street!

Hello Everyone! I’m back and I would like you guys to help me welcome the awesome author John Zunski of Cemetary Street! He is our guest poster today!

Also May 11th Mr. Zunski will be featured on Indiewritersreview radio segment, IndieReview Behind The Scenes! So make sure you stop by and check out the interview:)

John Zunski’s Cemetary street is on tour right now with OrangeberryBook Tours!




Let’s here what he has to say:)

John Zuniski author of Cemetary street

Contact: Blog:www.johnzunski.wordpress.com Cemetery Street Paperback:  https://www.createspace.com/3707406E-formats:  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/57123


With so many  people promoting theories about 2012and the end of the world, I figure it’s my turn to jump on the Armageddon Bandwagon.  Please forgive me if I’m steeped in skepticism, corrupted by cynicism. Wait, that doesn’t sound too convincing, allow me to start over:

Should we be concerned about 2012? What should we do to prepare? Is our fate sealed? I take on these questions and more in this post. First, allow me to extend…

…My Qualification To Pontificate

Living in the mountains of Montana,I hear the universe talk to me! Yes, it’s true. Its voice isn’t obstructed by the noise of the civilization and its face isn’t obscured by the halogen cast of cities.  Free of civilization’s distractions, the universe has proclaimed me its voice and charged me with the duty of sharing Earth’s fate. To those who hear my message, I offer a ticket to salvation! To possess a ticket, one must understand…

…Our True Genesis

First you mustunderstand that our ancestors are not native to planet Earth! Shocking, but true! They have made their journey across time and space to escape nature’s greatest cataclysm- a supernova! We can trace our roots to the constellation Orion.  Orbiting a star known by its Bayer designation Alpha Orionis – we call it Betelgeuse – was the original Earth.  A similar theory of Earth’s colonization is trumpeted by Ronald Moore, the creator of the ‘real’ Battlestar Galactica.  Yes, the original ‘Earth’ was destroyed when Betelgeuse went supernova. So what’s the…

… Significance Of December 21st 2012, As Predicted By The Mayan Calender.

Successfulin fleeing the interstellar catastrophe, our ancestors created a calender which foretold the arrival of  a gamma ray burst that will destroy our current civilization.  That calender, of course, is the Mayan Calender.  Our ancestors provided us with warning when we would need to leapfrog to the next cosmic lily pad. But, something happened. Something went terribly wrong. Our ancestors settled in Mexico, and be it the climate, the water, or any of a myriad of reasons, they became too complacent to heed the warnings. They spend too much time  goofing off and  forgot the technology.  So…

…What Can We Do To Avoid Our Demise?

There are some among us who believe the cosmic cavalry is on its way to the rescue. For $38.50 you can purchase Biaviaan Symbols by Riley Martin. The artist claims these are boarding passes onto the mother ship.  I have a cheaper solution to the…

…Conundrum Of The Ages

  In the movies, Yoda would say: “Practice yoga, you must.”  I say start stretching.  Stretch A lot.  In between stretchingexercises, take the time to read Cemetery Street,  for the price of $3.99 each, you fall into a story as funny as it is moving. I’m almost willing to guarantee a tear or two, so keep a tissue or two nearby.  Why between stretching exercises you ask? You better be good and limber when December 21st, 2012 comes so you can kiss your butt goodbye. Why Cemetery Street? It would be a shame to die and not read this poignant tale. Okay, if Riley Martin can do it, so can I. End of shameless plug.  But…

…What If Nothing Happens On December 21, 2012?

The answer is simple. The Mayan who created the calender was obsessive/compulsive and  dropped over from a heart attack as he chiseled the infamous date thus creating chaos for future generations of suckers. Remember Y2K? Charlatans and hucksters over the world got wealthier off of fear. But what if my prophecy comes true?  It’s been nice knowing ya!


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