Music Mondays! Welcome Young Vinchi…”It’s Me” Album

Happy Monday everyone!



It’s Music Monday so I thought I would do something a little different…Thought I would shine the spotlight on a upcoming artist…Let’s give a big Indiewritersreview welcome to Young Vinchi who is blazing a path and causing people to take note with his new mix  “IT’S ME”…self entitled 2012’s BEST -KEPT TASTY SECRET!

Young Vinchi was born Albert Neysmith Jr. on May 31, 1987 to Jamaican parents and raised in the Bronx, N.Y. by a close-knit family. He began rapping at age 8 to entertain his friends at school and by the time he got to Banana Kelly High School, he was the designated “interrupter.” Like all entertainers, he developed a craving for the attention offered by the stage.  He soon entered the school’s fashion and talent showcases where he fine tuned his showmanship and savoir faire.

After graduation, Vinchi attended LaGuardia Community College and studied theater and communications. He also begain performing at open mics and small venues around the New York metro area collected first place prize money and trophies. In 2007, he moved to Atlanta and worked with a number of up and coming producers that helped season his style.

In 2011, Vinchi, guided by his TroubleMaka management, entered into a smash collaboration with J Staffz,  the young and talented producer from Toronto, Canada. As one of  hip-hop’s hottest new producer, JStaffz has worked with Wiz Khalifa, Yung Berg, G-Unit, 40 Glocc.  His work on “It’s Me” is melodic, harmonious and explosive.  The post-production mastering is crisp, clear and high quality.

And yeah, let’s get back to the music.


Put your order in now and make it official; “It’s Me” by Young Vinchi is 2012’s best- kept tasty secret.  No need to take the D Train uptown to the Bronx’s  Bainbridge Avenue to get it, Young Vinchi – with his clever rhymes, sly imagination and hype J Staffz beats  – brings it to you .

Not one to waste time, Vinchi kicks off his inaugural 43- minute  mixtape with “Get Your Hands Up,”  a direct order to get ready for the trouble he’s about to make.

Released by NYC’s TroubleMaka Records, Vinchi’s songlist slickly crawls to a steady momentum with “I Want The Cash,” “My Style,” “All I Ever Want” and the steamy“Baby Girl.” The 25-year-old Bronx native’s swagger is relaxed, his raps are mature and mannish; ready to make most women swoon. If heart-throb actor Terrance Howard had a rapping little brother, it would be Young Vinchi.

The “It’s Me” set then makes a sharp turn and speeds up. If you – or the DJs at Sin City, Magic City, Jersey Shore or Madison Square Garden – need a couple block-hugging anthems for this summer, you’d be good to download “Black Girls” and “Bent Behind My Tint.”  Vinchi boy turns up his staccato, Tommy Gun lyrical delivery while celebrating the joys of hood chicks, roll-ups and Goose.  Don’t catch the flu while listening to these songs’ infectious beats; the flexing synthesizers, high-hat snares, Island reggae bass, conjure up smoky fantasies of those Twerk Team girls.



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