Scavenger Wednesday!

Hello Everyone!:) Wow, Wednesday again:) It come fast…well, per usual today is Scavenger Wednesday where I list some cool finds that I uncovered in my usual computer searching and surfs!:)

Let’s start!

The first is Wattpad!


Wattpad is a community self titled “The Best Place to Discover and Share stories!”

The community is open to members, and there is the opportunity to read, vote and chat with other readers and writers!

Cool contests , Clubs and more!

So go check it out!:)


If you are an Indie musician looking for a legit place to place your music and have the exposure  and distribution that you you feel your work deserves…but maybe you need a little help and haven’t yet mastered the art of self marketing and promotion? Then PUMP AUDIO is for you…they take care of all the OTHER stuff that comes with being an Indie Artist at times and allows you to do what you do best! Create!:)


Here are a few of Pump Audio’s clients(as stated on Pump Audio’s website:)

So go check it out…Submission is easy!

(Taken from Pump Audio site:)

Pump Audio licenses more independent music to television, advertising, and film than anyone else in the world—hands down.

  • There is no submission fee.
    If your music is not used, you lose nothing.
  • Pump has earned millions of dollars for independent artists.
    Pump generated over 80,000 placements in TV for independent artists last year alone.
  • You will receive 35% of the license fees we receive for your music.
    (You’ll also earn performance royalties for many uses.)
  • Pump’s deal is completely non-exclusive.
    Our deal will never prevent you from working with anyone else.
  • You retain 100% ownership of your songs.
    You know, the way it should be.

Pump has created a real marketplace for independent artists, and we get our artists paid. We’re always looking for new music in every genre. So go ahead: Submit your music… or if you like, get a little more information first.

So go check it out!index.php

There you have it Scavenger Wednesday! Something for all:)

Happy Wednesday all:)


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