Music Monday at Indiewritersreview!

Happy Monday all… Who will agree that Monday is the best day of the week! Ok…Ok… that might be a hard sell…but hey, like we’ve always heard. Our attitude will determine our altitude:)…corny?:)…Alright, but seriously, how our day, week or whatever flows is determined by our attitude:) So nothing helps my attitude better than good books AND good music! So today thought I would do a little showcasing of some awesome Indie Musicians…

Listening Discretion advised…Not all the music has been sampled:)

Let’s get started:)

Click the links to try some of the great artist music!

First we have EVENMORE!

Even More

Afraid Of Figs
Record Label: Afraid Of Figs 
Genre: Rock: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
Release Date: 2012

Recommended if you like

  • Barenaked Ladies
  • Foo Fighters
  • Weezer
There you have it….. just a few… but not definitely all of the fantastic Indie music and artist that are out there!
All this information was compliments of CD Baby!
And again:) Happy Monday:)