Trailer Tuesday:) Just for fun!

Hey YA

Today I was going to do Talker Tuesdays, spotlighting great bloggers! But there are so many I would be concerned that I would miss some:) So instead I will do Trailer Tuesday and spotlight some awesome booktrailers!

In just my humble opinion, it seems that book trailers are sorely under used but are so incredible!…A place to get your fill on book trailers…no not you tube:) But yes, you can go there as well:)… I was thinking of the YA Trailer Park, hosted by author, Suzy Turner!

Below are just a few of some of the trailers I think are pretty cool:) If you have some on your list that you like. Please share, I would love to show some love and give them a shout out the next time!

  I loved the tag lines in this trailer they draw youin…plus the graphics and the imagery, makes you want to read the story! Cool music too:)

A read and review coming soon from Indiewritesreview on Night Sighs! Looking forward to reading:)

 Spooky, intriguing just enough mystery in the music, the images that would cause me to want to read the book! Beautiful to look at:)

 Urbane, hip this video is pretty cool to me!


Funky, cool music, incredible imagery, fast paced…It caused me quickly to add it  to my tbr list!

These are just a few guys! But hope you enjoy, check them out as well as the books:)

Happy reading all:)