Music Mondays… Having some fun!

Hello YA

Just thought I would try something a little different, just for fun.  Thought about having some mini spotlights through the week. We will see how it goes, like I said it’s just for fun.

As many can tell(or maybe not, if you really haven’t been paying attention:) I celebrate the love of music as much as books!:)

So thought I would post a Music Monday, with a small list of Indie Musicians that I think you might like…

*LISTENING DISCRETION IS ADVISED* (In other words not all have been listened to:)

Now, I would love some help, (and comments:) It gets sorta lonely talking to myself:) So reach with some names and links to your fave Indie Musicians, you know those guys and gals who are out there creating rockin music, who have taken the time to produce their cd’s and just trying to  get it to all the new fans waiting for them:)

Well, I would love to shine the spotlight on them from my lil ole corner of the web….so drop me their names (IN THE COMMENT SECTION:), maybe a sample and a linky and I will get right on it…telling the world! (Ok…maybe not the world, but whoever takes the time to actually click on my post and read as far as the names:)

FYI…I will try this also with Talker Tuesdays(Great blogs spotlight) and of course Written Wednesdays (Shouts outs to some great authors)

Okay here you are THE LIST….,lol just some names of some fab Indie Musicians you might want to check out!

1) Colin Edge:Colin Edge is a Pop/R&B artist with a combination of honest, clever songwriting and an element of blue-eyed soul.


Recommended if you like

  • John Legend
  • Maroon 5
  • Robin Thicke


2)Three More Miles to Go” is 13 year old singer/songwriter Paisley Marie’s breakout CD; featuring songs such as, “I’ve Never Been to Nashville” and “Keep Your Promises.”

Genre: Pop: Folky Pop
Release Date: 2012

Recommended if you like

  • Adele
  • Bob Dylan
  • Taylor Swift

3) Andee Metafora

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Hip Hop
Release Date: 2012

Recommended if you like

  • Dargen D’Amico
  • Fabri Fibra
  • Two Fingerz


4)Gothic Elements

Guy Matthew Babin

Record Label: Guy Matthew Babin


Recommended if you like

  • John Carpenter
  • Vangelis
  • Yanni


A Better World  Kamu

Record Label: Kamu Productions


A Better World by the studio group KAMU is a jazz influenced crossover album featuring unique vocal and instrumental compositions and arrangements.

Genre: Jazz: Crossover Jazz
Release Date: 2012

Recommended if you like

  • Al Jarreau
  • Gino Vannelli
Okay, that’s all for now:) Drop me a comment and let me know of some of those fabulous Indie Musicians out there!:)
Happy Rockin!

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