Book Trailer for Night School:Vampire Hunter, Bk.1

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to stop by really quick and invite you to some of the celebration activities that are happening for the the release of Night School:Vampire Hunter,Bk.1:)

First, the awesome Author Raine Thomas has been so incredible to include me in her Writer’s Wednesday! So please go check out the interview and the Night School:Vampire Hunter giveaway she has been so cool about hosting!

Quick note! I wish to thank the wonderful people who have worked with me on Night School:Vampire Hunter,Bk.1

Erin Potter (Editor of Night School:Vampire Hunter,Bk.1







VBre Photography






Check out the Night School:Vampire Hunter, Bk.1 Book trailer!

#comment-976 (Click here to see interview and enter giveaway!)

also check out the new booktrailer for Night School:Vampire Hunter,Bk.1

Thanks guys for your love and support!

As always….

Happy reading all:)



3 thoughts on “Book Trailer for Night School:Vampire Hunter, Bk.1

  1. Ms. Cornwell-Jordan,

    I have always been a fan of paranormal movies and TV shows, but until now, have never been a fan of that fiction genre. By my having a 14 yr old daughter whose a huge Twilight and Harry Potter fan, I guess it was bound to happen. She first introduced me to your writing after she found your book Reahket on Barnes and Noble’s NookBook website. She then found out about the upcoming release of your Night School novel and hasn’t stopped talking about it since. After watching the Night School: Vampire Hunter trailer and reading Ms. Thomas’s interview, I have to admit I’m surprised one of the big publishing houses hasn’t jumped all over it yet. I can tell my daughter is going to love it and I’m going to enjoy reading it with her. Thank you for taking the time to share your gift and talent with the world!!

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