Night School:Vampire Hunter playlist(Last Updates)

Hello YA

Just bringing you the completly updated playlist that I listened too and created the Mind Track for Night School:Vampire Hunter, BK.1

I had so much for when I was writing Bk.1, I listened to alot of new artist that I had never listened to before and found that I loved it! It energized me, really get into Angel’s skin…sometimes I feel she has so much…”feeling” inside her…passion that ranges from anger….to intense love and loyalty for those she allows into her heart. Angel is such an expressive character, although outwardly she doesn’t speak much…She feels life strongly, and the music I listened to express her perfectly!

UnBreakable by FireFlight would be the perfect theme song for Night School:Vampire Hunter,Bk.1

No matter the odds that came against,or will come against Angel:)…She doesn’t stop, and she will do whatever necessary to protect the innocent and those she loves…This song characterizes it perfectly!

Angel & Rafael

The song which I liked for these two would be best Evanesence Bring Me To Life

I felt that, although Angel was coming into her destiny prior to meeting Rafael, that when meeting him, she woke up to who she would become, or she was to become…the Hunter…

I liked Adele’s Crazy For You

It’s so tongue and cheek, funny…which with Night School:Vampire Hunter being a little dark, it was fun to write Angel, being a little unnerved by Rafael, such as when she first saw him, and how she worked hard on not thinking of him…:)

These were just some…see the complete playlist here


Happy reading all:)


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