Scavenger Wednesday!

    Hey Fam:) It’s Scavenger Wednesday! This is the day of the week where I get to share some of the awesome finds I have discovered on-line, through Readers/Writers groups etc, or just by word of mouth.

Today’s find is FANTASTIC FICTION! It is a booklover’s dream!

This site has over bibliographies for 3o,ooo authors and information on 350,000 books!

  • Basically you simply go to the site, use the search bars to either search for authors by surnames or by author or book title! Then click on a book to see it’s cover picture,description and publication details!Fantastic Fiction covers Awards, Countries and Series of different books…so you are able to see what’s NEXT in a series you have been reading, or what ELSE your favorite author has written.
  • HARDBACK, PAPERBACK, AUDIO AND KINDLE are covered on this site! So you have to go try it out! It’s addicting, it’ll be hard to search any other way for a book;)

Rachel Vincent’s Werecats series, Soul Screamers,Unbound series





Suzanne Collins’s Underland Chronicles,Hunger Games, Mystery Files of shelby Woo





Also the site list recommendations from these authors and more on OTHER cool reads!

Go check it out! Happy Reading:)






Fam:) I have updated my playlist for the songs that I played and replayed while writing Bk.1 of Night School. Thought I would share what was on my list:)

  1. Unbreakable by Fireflight(If NIGHT SCHOOL HAD A THEME SONG THIS IS IT!)
  1. The Howling by Within Temptation
  2. Angels by Within Temptation
  3. Overcome by Within Temptation
  4. Together Again by Evanescence


Plumb In My Arms

Plumb I Can’t Do This

Nickle Back Savin Me

3 Doors Down When I’m Gone

Evanescence Eternal


That’s all fam:) happy reading and rock on!:)


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