Feature: Author David Estes,MindTrack for Author Jaime White!

Hello YA and Book Fam:)

Happy Saturday, I am so glad to be back and I am excited about our guest today which is author of the cool YA novel Angel Evolution, David Estes!

Angel Evolution just completed a tour with Fierce Reading Virtual Book Tours!fiercereadingvirtualbooktours.blogspot.com

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Here at Indiewritersreview MIND TRACKS! This is how we see Indie authors and their readers!

Each week new updates by Indie authors,who give their time and Mind tracks to Indiewritersreview; Each author gives  a snippet of how music added flavor; and at times inspired some of the cool books they write!

This week’s phenomenal Indie author spotlight:




YA author Jaime White of author of NaNo novel, The Life       and Times of No One in Particular….and one of the contributors to the cool novel  Call Of Poseidon!





Taylor is a girl off to college for the first time; there her goal is to find freedom and her path in life. Taylor first meet Gabriel, not soon after she arrives on campus. When she initially meets Gabriel, he terrifies her and there is a part of her,screaming to stay far, far away from him! But while she instinctively rejects the idea of being around Gabriel, she soon becomes obsessed with knowing him, when in a reoccurring nightmare; Gabriel becomes the savior in her dream, the one who kills the major source of her nighttime terrors!

Soon, she does strike up a friendship, that fast becomes more and she is drawn into the supernatural; shockingly, Taylor discovers that she is a prime player in the unfolding events!


The initial scene of the book catches my attention, with the description of Taylor’s reoccurring nightmare and the two beings(One dark and one light) that  finds their way into her dream. She’s initially frightened by both beings.In the dream,Taylor speaks of incredibly thirst; lying on the ground, literally dying;when one of the the beings gives her water to cool the fire in her throat. When the cup was offered again, she leaned forward in anticipation of the cool substance, longing for liquid relief; but what she was given instead was horrendous…in the dreams, Taylor struggles for sweet air, but instead all that she receives is  sand poured down her throat!

This early scene caught my attention, and I was surprised…I simply, thought…wow…THAT was awful and terrifying! My next favorite early scene in Angel Evolution was the initial meeting of Taylor and Gabriel, on campus. Taylor was in the quad area, and frantically searching for a four leaf clover, because it reminded her of  a lesson from her mother…and Taylor felt that she would be able to move forth into this next stage of her life successfully, if she found the clover, it would be as if she had her mother’s blessing. So when the alluring Gabriel showed up, and after his initial unsuccessful attempt to obtain her attention;he finally does so, with his discovery of a four leaf clover, presenting it to a very  surprised but deeply moved Taylor, due to the thoughts of her mother. Gabriel makes an impression on the young woman; He intrigued her as well as terrified her….

  These two scenes simultaneously reflect the strength of David Estes writing….he can inspire startling effects and deep tenderness, with the description of Taylor and her private thoughts of her mother…

Those scenes captured, and reeled me in and I committed to the ride,Angel Evolution was fast paced with just enough danger simmering underneath for Taylor to keep the reader on the edge of their seats!

Angel Evolution blurs the lines of what is good vs what is truly evil… and what does it mean to trust, when that trust has been broken numerous times over! So check out this supernatural thrill ride!



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