Hello YA and Book Fam! It’s Wednesday again!:) Wow..and today here at Indiewritersreview it’s Scavenger Wednesday! This is the day that I post a interesting find or two, that I picked up from surfing and researching on line, or through other writers, or members in the great groups at Goodreads! So you already may be aware of some of these resources or mabe it’s a gem of a find like it was for me! Either way, my hope is that there will be something for authors, readers, everyone!

So today’s Scavenger find is…..

ONE TRUE MEDIA VIDEO CREATIONS!public_home(click to view site:)

A cool place to create videos, book trailers and more! Registering is really simply, you can sign up and start creating by registering for their premium programs that will give you longer videos, unlimited high quality downloads/ post and premium ORIGINAL music by great Indie musicians! All for either $39.99 a year…OR just $3.99 a month!

There is also FREE registering which includes most of these same great benefits!:)

So for the Indie author/publisher, or if you’re just doing it for fun to share with your friends and family, this is an easy way to create beautiful, PROFESSIONAL videos…easy!:)

Check it out!

Happy reading fam:)


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