Scavenger Wednesday!

Hello Fam:)

Thought I forgot huh?:) Nope:) Today is Scavenger Wednesday at Indiewritersreview!

I have found a really cool website, but I believe unless you have been under a rock, you probably have heard of at least the name…(drums roll please:)


This is a site for EVERYONE! If you like music, art, food, travel, people…WHATEVER. This is a place to check out. Basically you ask for an invite,(I was waiting on pins and needles…was I going to be the only one NOT invited…because yes, there is a waiting list!:) But within 24 hours, I received my invite, set up my FREE acct and then learned how to start pinning! Basically it’s like the cork board at the job, or at home…where everyone puts up notes, reminders ect! Same thing! So go there and check it out!:)

Don’t forget share your ideas for me to post on Wednesdays! If you send ten ideas(and place them in my comment section at

Then you could have the chance to win a Amazon Gift card!

So Happy Wednesday and happy surfing!


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