Feature: Lisa Nowak’s YA Novel Running Wide Open

Happy Saturday YA and Book Family:)

So glad to be back! Today we have Lisa Nowak, Indelible and author of YA novel, Running Wide Open. Ms. Nowak is a awesome person and a fantastic writer; and we’re so excited to have her visiting us! Later Running Wide Open will  receive a spotlight review and then readers, you can check out Indiewritersreview’s conversation with Ms. Nowak under Author/Artist interview tab:)


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RUNNING WIDE OPEN REVIEW!                  

Story Summary

Lisa Nowak’s Running Wide Open is about Cody Everett a teenager who is hot tempered, loyal and brave. He’s protective of those he loves, but finds himself not afforded that same benefit. Cody lives with his ineffectual father; there in body but lost in spirit/mind; Cody’s mother is a selfish, erratic woman who has left both father and son. The mother leaving has a profound effect on Cody, a little boy who still seeks the love of a mother, who appears incapable of truly expressing the nature of love, which is unconditional.

The story opens with Cody exhibiting some of his highest attributes which is loyalty, and bravery; Cody and friends are caught committing petty vandalism and Cody takes the fall for a friend with the police. His actions land him out of his home and on the road to live with his Uncle Race, whom he hadn’t seen since he was a kid.

Gone was the only home Cody knew, even though it was dysfunctional, living with his Uncle was a huge adjustment. Uncle Race was kind to a fault;disorderly, but he had a major positive work ethic and view on life that Cody initially shies away from;Race tries to draw Cody out,but Cody pushes him away. Cody attempts to protect himself from fully trusting yet another family member, who he is assured to fail him.

Race introduces Cody to his world of down-home friends and Stock-car racing; Also Cody meets,(and at first crushes on Kasey, a friend-girl of Race) But soon it evolves into just familiar love and friendship between Cody and Kasey;This pseudo parental love is coupled with all the other emotions Cody has for the rag tag bunch that he finds himself in the middle.Through his uncle, Cody locates the ability to acknowledge his gifts(karate, reading), embrace them, and begins to evolve into the man he is destined to become.


I really wasn’t sure how I would like a book that was from the viewpoint of a male character; and  which was about stock car racing. But like it I did! Ms Nowak, has a clean, clear way of writing and immediately the reader is drawn into the story.Lisa Nowak’s writing is remarkably strong and I was pleasantly surprised; I moved through the story like a hot knife through butter:). It was that effortless and easy.

Lisa Nowak has created a story that I believe is a superb model for young people to own the challenges from their past, and once acknowledging and working their way through the bad stuff(hopefully with a trusted adult); then moving ahead into life stronger and wiser. Ms. Nowak’s has shown that “family” doesn’t have to be the nuclear unit(Dad,Mom, kids and throw in pets) which is the traditional viewpoint; But family is where love, acceptance, guidance and encouragement is found.

I believe that the young and young at heart would love this book!

RUNNING WIDE OPEN is on it’s way to becoming a new classic, coming of age story; residing in the company of other great stories such as S.E. HINTON’S THE OUTSIDERS and THAT WAS THEN and THIS IS NOW…

Check this book out! Also check out Indiewritersreview’s conversation with Lisa Nowak under the author/artist interview tab:)


As always happy Saturday and happy reading!


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