Hey YA and Book Fam!

Just wanted to say Wednesdays will be Scavenger day! I will tell you about some of the cool places that I discovered here online! Scan Ggreat for YA, bloggers, Indie Authors,

     Make sure you sign up for the Scavenger program that is new here under the Scavenger tab! Cool prices and a Shoutout to you here at Indiewritersreview!



A cool place that I found was Pump Audio! It is a really awesome place for Independent musicians to submit there work and through Pump Audio be presented to thousands of  sources!

artists(click to be taken to site)

Pump Audio states that there has been 80,000 placements for these independepent artist just last year! Pump Audio dispenses to those who love great music:) Also, to film, television producers and Indie Authors who may need original music for thos great book trailers!

So if you are a musician or need one…check them out!:)

Happy Wednesday!


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