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Hey YA and Book Fam!

Today is a special today, we have special guest



                     BUT FIRST…

SPOTLIGHTING  YOU  YA!                                                                                   

First: Tween/teen writers (11-19yrs old) please stop by Tweenscribe www.tweenscribe.com A place just for you! (Stories, videos, music and more:)Submit your own stuff: Send stories, poems, songs, videos to tweenscribebooks@gmail.com:)

Alright! Alright! Now to the main event:)

YA and Book Fam our special guest today is NEXT ARTIST MULTIMEDIA SERVICE! nextartist.com

They are a talented duo who provides an array of services that can be a HUGE benefit to the Indie Author! Everything from Web designs/hosting, music, and product designs for individuals and small businesses. They have recently entered the field of aiding Indie writers in book trailer productions; bringing to their designs years of experience in graphic art and music production! In fact NEXT ARTIST is the design/host  for Tweenscribe and were the designers for my awesome book trailer for Reahket Bk.1!

Take a peak at their services!

WEB DESIGN: webdesign

NEXT ARTIST MUSIC: music  (Check out the link and get a free download!)

Product Designs : (Check out the Reahket Tee design by Next Artist!)

And Fab book trailers!

So There you have it YA and Book Fam!:) NEXT ARTIST MULTIMEDIA SERVCES! Supporters of Indie Authors and their readers!

Check out NEXT ARTIST interview under the interview section! See what’s on their mind!

Happy reading all!