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This week went extremely fast! Wow! A lot has happened here at Indiewritersreview! We had an Indelibles day:) The rest of the world called it Valentines day:) But here, it was our opportunity to show some love for a FABULOUS group of women. The Indelibles, are a group of authors who write Middle grade/YA fiction and guess what else? They are so-o-o- nice! Really, you know how it is; movie star, musician, author…I’ve heard it so many times before; fans say about their favs…”heard they were…(fill in the blank:)..hopefully whatever is said is good…like I always learned, nothing good to say, say nothing at all:) Anyway, what I do have to say; these ladies are not only incredible writers, but actually very nice to boot!:) So again I thank these gracious ladies.

And actually EVERY author and visitor that have been showcased or spotlighted either as a Feature Review, Author interview , Inkwell(bloggers) and Mind Tracks; all who have shared their time, information with Indiewritersreview; They have all been extremely helpful, and kind…so go buy their books and check out their blogs YA!:)


Well, because I fell in love with the ANTHOLOGY IN HIS EYES…(and reviewed three  stories so far; I will be completing reviews on the remaining collection, over the next few weeks through the rest of February. So today I will review Indelible author Ali Cross ‘s story Shattered from Anthology IN HIS EYES

and Indelible author Heather McCorkle ‘s story Family Bonds...

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Heather McCorkle


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Indelibles authors Anthology IN HIS EYES’s SHATTERED by Ali Cross.

YA… Shattered gives a haunting glimpse, at the intertwining moments  right before what seems apparent death for Ms.Cross’s,’  feature character in Shattered; Dangerously hot, bad boy James; and the defining moments in his life, all which centers around his passionate obsession for a girl named Miri.

The story begins with James describing his horrific wounds and torture by the sadistic handling of a friend of  his guardian Daniel, then the scene switches and James is recounting when he first meets Miri, the intentions that led to their meeting and the feelings that came afterwards.

Daniel had raised James to be a smooth, charismatic young man whose only purpose was to keep the daughters of  wealthy and powerful clients, interested and out-of-the-way; aiding in Daniels shady plans…

James is very good at what he does, he has the ability to walk the line between cool indifference, and keeping any girl in a perpetual state of wanting his attentions; then after Daniels plans are completed, or James becomes bored;then the girls are discarded and usually broken.

Until Miri…

Miri makes James forget who is he, and who he was raised to be…Miri is the cause of James wanting to be different, make different choices, better choices despite what Daniel believes.

But who he has been, and the underlying desire to live up to the intentions Daniel has put into place…James follows through with his old ways.

After his first initial meeting with Miri ,who captured his heart in her hands, with her innocence and beauty; the second visit begins the downward spiral for Miri, with James leading Miri through her one Achilles heel, alcohol… Each and every meeting he lures her into darkness with alcohol, allowing her focus to be on that, instead of himself for protection. For James knows in his heart, that if he even looks at her in the eyes, Miri will destroy his world, through love… because he would never be able to continue to live the life he has led,up until that point.

James hates himself for what he’s doing to Miri…

But soon, in comes Desi,and James and Desi have a past, and James knows that where he was the shadow in Miri’s life, Desi would be the black abyss. He tries to protect Miri, but she is drawn away from him, which on one hand James is glad,because Miri is beginning to look better, be better again. But he knows an even more horrifying danger was in store for Miri as she remained friends, and under the influence of Desi..

The scene switches back to the present, and James apparent death, the only thing James welcome, even in near death, is the illusion of holding Miri’s hands, feeling her kiss, having her know that he was sorry for what he did and that he loves her… this dream, illusion, desire is what sustains him in the final moments of what appears certain death…even if he’s just dreaming to see her face once more…if need to… James would face death happily…

REVIEW of Shattered

Shattered takes YA fiction deeper; The themes of betrayal, substance abuse, possible emotional abuse reflected in the relationship between the parental figure of  Daniel and James. But the greatest gem in this  incredible, intensely romantic story is the redeeming power of love…

I read Shattered and knew without a doubt that I needed more of James and Miri.  I was drawn to the dark beauty, Ms. Cross hints is in James. A young man that had been taking in and delivered into a lush, and rich world with strings attached; trained in the arts of deception,one hardened in the mold of a rich playa; But who was afraid of love; and Miri, innocent, open but underneath has layers of darkness, that she attempts to suffocate with alcohol.

Shattered left me with so many questions, why was James captured by Daniel’s friend? Where was Daniel? What was James history and why did Daniel have to take James in? Why was Miri hurting so much she numbed herself with alcohol. What specific danger did Desi pose to Miri, and what was the history between James and Desi?

Ms. Cross lures you into Shattered, mesmerizes you with the world she creates and then leaves the reader no other choice…to read her full length novel, BECOME, featuring Desi, James and Miri!

BECOME by Ali Cross

A Must Read!:) see Ali Cross website at for more details about BECOME


Also from Anthology, IN HIS EYES: FAMILY  BONDS by Heather McCorkle

FAMILY BONDS is a short story based on Ms. McCorkle’s Channeler series!

Fane a teenager who had just arrived in from Romania to America; lands in Spruce Knoll. He is learning of his surrounds and glad to be back amongst family. He is most excited to meet his cousin Eren. When asking after his cousin Eren, he is told that she went to a party; Fane with supernatural abilities feel that Eren may be in danger and without his family knowing; Fane goes in search of Eren,despite the danger that may erupt with his going due to his Family’s secret.

Fane does locate Eren and in the midst of a crowd she is being attack by another Channeler. Fane plans to save his cousin.

Fane with determination, is prepared to free Eren, by any means necessary; along with Aiden; an unexpected supporter.A super charge, supernatural battle ensues!


Family Bonds  will hit the spot for those that love fire and spark battles, with just the right amount of intrigue and mystery!

by Heather McCorkle…YA Check it out!

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