FEATURE: ELEMENTS The Beginning by Kate Fuentes

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This week, Indiewritersreview will showcase a review of Elements(The Beginning) and an interview by the marvelous Kate Fuentes!

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This week will look at Elements (The Beginning) by Kate Fuentes!

Elements follow the story of two brothers Gage and Talon, dynamic sons of Gable and Jacquelyn. After the death of their mother Jacquelyn, Gage and Talon are raised by their father Gable. The boys began to show that they weren’t just normal children; Gage with his power of the mind and affinity for water. Talon, with his physical strength and affinity for fire; these boys  grow to be formidable young men. The brothers are destined to be the guardians standing between humanity and an ancient evil that seeks to return to this plane.

Throughout the story, the young boys turn young men, are encircled by a loving father, a saucy, yet doting nanny… Leia and her eccentric but soon it’s revealed… knowledgeable and powerful uncle Maui.

The boys are trained in battle techniques and taught of their heritage,in preparation of the war that will ensue between themselves and the dark one according to prophecy.


Elements (The Beginning) was a thrilling read, that incorporated many twist and turns! Things are not always as they look is an old adage, which shows itself to be true in this wonderful book. Ms. Fuentes, creates an  edge of your seat adventure! From the extraordinary events that surround Gage and Talon’s birth; to the description of the ancient evil. Plus, I literally let out a surprised, gasp!…at a certain part (do not wish to spoil it for you:), when Ms. Fuentes tossed in a surprising twist in the story. There hasn’t been many stories, that have actually surprised me; You know where there is supposed to be an…oh wow moment…and it actually turns into a…what now?…

Not here in Elements, my mouth actually dropped open with…you’re kidding me right?!:)(Keep your eye on the birdies in the story:)

When that happens, now…that’s a good story:)

I recommend Elements(The Beginning) by Kate Fuentes, a Top Pick!:)  Check out Ms. Fuentes second installment in the Element series!

Elements: Veil Of Darkness

Happy Reading all!:)