Happy Saturday Book Fam!

I’m back again and I am really excited about today’s showcases. Indiewritersreview will feature and review Teen author Gabrielle and her new story Starlight! ;Under Inkwell  are the Night School: Dasheen  Bellamy, Vampire Hunter trilogy, photo shoot pictures! And lastly, there are some slight changes to Indiewritersreview; Such as Indiewritersreview Trailer stop, that will showcase what Indiewriters listen to as they pen your favorite stories!And more!


Night school: Dasheen  Bellamy, Vampire Hunter trilogy photo shoot

The photo shoot for the cover of the first book in the Night School trilogy, release March 2012, was a great success!

V’bre photography did an excellent job  working with our young model who portrayed the vamp hunter Dasheen Bellamy (Angel). The weather was beautiful for the shooting, and the staff was very gracious at the Pythian Children’s Home for allowing us access to their grounds and facilities:) Hugs and kisses guys:)

So, check out some of the photos, which include behind the scenes shots, and official photos of Night school: Dasheen Bellamy, Vampire Hunter trilogy

Deets on the cover reveal date will be announced soon:)

Indiewriters trailer stop

Indiewritersreview has added the Indewritersreview trailer stop.

Yep, most writers have a soundtrack, (the perfect BOOK track)… in their heads, when writing your favorite stories! So here indiewriters will give the scoop on what these talented muses were grooving to (yes, I said grooving:) while they penned these fabulous stories we all know and love!

So check back each week as the list is added to, and see the fan music that inspired your favorite indiewriters!:)

Now! Drum roll please!:)


STARLIGHT by Gabrielle (Teen Author)

Found on Goodreads (www.goodreads.com)

I am so excited! Simply star struck at having the opportunity to review one of the latest stories of this young author who is taking Goodreads  by storm! Gabrielle is drumming up likes and comments left and right!;and with reason, she is a phenomenal young writer!


Starlight follows James and Maya, two high school kid, enmeshed in the age old struggle, our families hate each other! James is a hunter of witches and yep you guessed it Maya is a witch! Trouble is a- brewing when James falls (like a ton of bricks;) for Maya and vice versey:) Throw in a wicked witch mom who now appears to be after James, and a mysterious shadow figure who appears to be one of the good guys…and you have Starlight!

Check out Muses Starlight video under Indiewriters trailer stop, which was the inspiration for this story says the young author on her author page!

Review of Starlight

Starlight is an excellent read. The storytelling by this young author is incredible! Gabrielle is able to keep the reader on the edge of their seats with her INCREDIBLE description and wonderful cliff hangers. Add in a pinch of mystery, (like who is the ethereal man?  Why does her mom want to kill James? Why is Maya so different? Who is the “she” her mom rants about? What is Maya’s true destiny? and will James and Maya be able to hook up before their families try to kill the other?:); throw in some passion and you have Starlight!

Taken from Starlight: “You can see my magic?” she breathes, taken aback by my passion.
“What…..what does it look like?” she asks me.
“It’s like this great light that makes your skin glow. Yours – it’s gold and lights up your whole being. It’s beautiful – it makes you beautiful.”
For what seems like a life time, we’re just staring at one another. Like magnets attracting, we near each other slowly, until our foreheads are almost touching.
“You think I’m beautiful,” she states, rather than asks.
“Yes,” I whisper.
“I – I don’t know what to say,” she murmurs.
“Then don’t say anything.”

A must read!check it out on Goodreads all!:)

Happy Reading!


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