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Hope you’re having an outstanding book filled Saturday! Here at Indiewritersreview; we have another stupendous Indie author to showcase! I’m  SO living the dream!… Reading fabu books AND speaking with their dynamite creators:) So swe-e-e-t!:)


Interlude: Make sure you check out KaSonndra Leigh, outstanding author of teen YA paranormal; When Copper Suns Fall; and catch a peek at Ms. Leigh’s  blog under the Indiewriters guest blogs; Want more of  When Copper Suns Fall?; Then make your way to the  Inkwell/Artist spotlight to learn more!:)


           Bone Dressing by Michelle Brooks!

First Impressions Rock!

Guys, I’m sure you have heard the old adage of making a good first impression? Right? yep, most of us have heard this…well, let me say that Ms Brooks was scorching in this first novel in her series!;the writing is intriguing and let us not forget the sensational cover, that stops you in your track; causes you to pick up the book and go” HOW COOL IS THIS?!”

Follow through

Ms. Brooks follows through with a story concept that is absorbing; gripping the reader in a journey, that is filled with mystifying twist, turns and surprises!

What’s it about then?

The eerily, lovely Bone Dressing follows the story of   17-year-old Sydney Roberdeau;  Syd is a young woman who feels out-of-place in her home, life and skin. She is looking forward to her eighteenth birthday; the day which she believes will mark the beginning of her true life and freedom.

Syd only feels at home in the local cemetery where she goes amongst the quiet of those sleeping in their graves;  It is there that  strangely Syd feels the most alive.

She is most drawn to the grave site of a young woman by the name of Rachel and her infant son. She feels a peculiar pull towards the young woman; Syd’s mind is titillated with the thought of who Rachel was and how her life might have been.

One night, after a particularly ugly fight with her parents, and under the strain of  fear at having a hastily committed stunt she committed discovered; Syd sneaks out of her home with the intention of seeking out her freedom; not waiting for her birthday.

She goes to the cemetery, and after settling in; Syd attempts to  contemplate her next move; she meets a party of three who will change what Syd knows to be  reality;  and leaves her with questions concerning what she knows about herself.

Beau, Sarah, TJ enter Syd’s world with a tale which is as puzzling and incomprehensible as they are to her.

TJ(Panther) who is protective of the siblings Beau and Sarah; and who has otherworldly abilities that will aid Syd on a shocking journey

Sarah: the young girl, who seems far advance for her age; wise way above of years.

Beau:  Syd has an unusually magnetic pull immediately to the smoldering boy from the bayou! AGAIN, the guys in YA novels have sure changed from when I was younger!:)

Their tale  is that Syd has a mission… a journey to go on into her past lives to learn the truths, find the answers that will heal the several crucial mistakes that have affected Syd’s soul; and has brought her discontent, frustration and danger in life after life….

Bone Dressing follows Syd going into her previous life as Rachel(the grave that she had been so pulled towards) and her deep, passionate love for Jesse…

When Jesse is killed, this damages Rachel’s soul that is affecting the girl Rachel would become today….Syd…

There are some incredible discoveries that Syd discovers when she goes back into the life of Rachel, I mean wow!… (I don’t which to spoil it…so…I won’t!:)


Bone Dressing was an excellent read, I was captivated with the smoky, shadowy atmosphere created by Ms. Brooks…

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the fight within Syd herself when she was struggling to understand herself, and struggling to keep control when meeting the enigmatic Beau.

Beau is LOVELY! yes…yes…I can just imagine the smooth drawl of the Cajun…

and I was COMPLETELY mesmerized by the deep, passionate, consuming love of Rachel and Jessie, their devotion to one another despite, societal and culture conventions…

My favorite passage was when after the vows(yep, Rachel marries Jesse:) Spoiled that part:) That she says…

“And, in that moment, I felt the rhythm of my own heart shift. Forever replacing the Rachel I had been my entire life with the Rachel I was now. The Rachel I had been born to be. Jesse’s  Rachel”…(taken from Bone Dressing)

Can we say… giving Twilight a run for the money?:)

I most definitely recommend you go pick up this book, and fall into the magic of Bone Dressing!

Happy reading all! (I say in an alluring and spooky voice to fit this occasion:)


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