Change of Focus

Hey Book fam!

YA audience, I have received some feedback on Indiewritersreview from you! Although you enjoyed the reviews, from what I am gathering there are some tweaks that could be done to make it better! Well, I am all for making Indiewriters better!

Change of Focus: My focus has been primarily on writers and those working in Indie publishing; while striving to have interesting tidbits for my YA readers! Well YA readers you have spoken, and so Indiewritersreview will shift, focusing on the tidbits for you more!:)

Game Plan: So, Indiewritersreview will continue to feature bi-weekly features of Authors and Artist; but where they once were in separated areas, now will be front page news! Saving the rest for awesome book trailers, music montages and more!

Hold on, give me a sec!:) So, YA, these changes will happen GRADUALLY!:) So, continue to check back and check out what’s new, as it happens!:)

Posting and Updating:) YA, you werent feeling this once a week?:) So, ok, will update, moment to moment…daily…weekly…as events unfold!

YA this is for you! So, is this better now?:) LOL, Alright, hope so! Stay with us  and keep checking out Indie!

Happy Reading!


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