MY BOOKSHELF (Quick Reviews)

Here are a few of the books I have in my Kindle right now! First:)

      Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol


Evie Claremont is a seventeen year old college freshman. She was raised by her uncle and was thrilled of the prospect of attending Crestwood college. There she meets sophomore Reed Wellington who is tall, dark, handsome and Evie is instantly drawn to him(but he has a secret and appears to know more about Evie than she knows of herself); also the fly in the ointment is… Reed appears to hate Evie on sight!But is he protesting too much? Is it truly dislike? Or is he fighting what’s inevitable?:)

Add to the mix another hottie named Russell, who Evie meets,and feels as if she has known forever; then.,..a huge mystical destiny, and a countdown to the end of her world as she knows it… and you have Inescapable!

Review: Loved it! I enjoyed being wrapped into the story, getting acquainted with the characters. I felt what Evie felt when becoming aware of Reed, the passion pull that was almost tangible between the two. Then the complete frustration when Reed pushes away, almost literally. The pain, of loving someone that seems to not want you for reasons unknown. I felt overjoyed, when… (I’m trying not to spoil it:) when love is shared. The development of Evie, from a naive character, seeming at times unsure, developing into one of such power towards the end of the story, was truly a treat. This is a book that must be read, I am fully looking forward to the second installment called Intuition!


Red by Kait Nolan

Overview:Elodie Rose has always known her mother’s secret. She has been trained to understand what her mother was and to fear becoming the same. The curse which plagued the women in her family for generations which caused them to turn into wolves has been the nightmare that haunted her nights and shadowed her days. Living with her father, Elodie is told to hide what she will become; then one day, she meets the boy who will change her world.

Sawyer, knows who he is, also wolf, but his anger stems from believing his father could have prevented his mother’s death, or at the very least avenged her death.

Due to his wolf nature, which has to be balanced by his mate, he is a smoldering ember awaiting to burst into flames; until he sees Elodie, who he is witnessing trying to cut her wrist, he intervenes and is surprised to learn later, that she wasn’t attempting to kill herself, but was trying to kill the fear that she would one day try.

The two come together, at first, Sawyer isnt sure but has suspicions that Elodie is wolf, and she  has no idea of Sawyer’s secret, but while working together on a research project, tragedy strikes the area, and a killer begins to hunt. Both Sawyer and Elodie are determined to protect the other, and they enter into a race against time and the hunter.

Review: I love wolves, and always enjoy reading the new and various twist,different writers place on this storyline. I was not disappointed! I enjoyed the protectiveness that Sawyer and Elodie had towards the other; I enjoyed how Sawyer, took the time, and had the patience, to aide Elodie in discovering who she really was, and seeing the beauty in herself and her heritage. I believe the book had a wonderful underlying theme, that ignorance of oneself and the beauty within, can steal and destroy so much of a person’s life. embracing oneself, is the key to happiness. My favorite scenes were their times of training when in the forest,(campsite), before having to be in search  of the hunter.  While  Sawyer was training Elodie; their love, which at the beginning is the normal fierce spark, fast and furious.(Possibly with more of an edge due to their wolf heritage); during these scenes, there appeared to be a noticeable growth, evolving into something more permanent while they are off together.

I truly recommend this title, a true find!:)

and Siginificance!

Significance by Shelly Crane

Overview: Significance follows seventeen Maggie Masters. She is an only child raised by her father, after her mother left. the story opens with Maggie graduating, but all is not right with the world. She is graduating, but her father is emotionally absent, her longtime boyfriend had recently dumped her, her mother was physically absent and she wasn’t sure what she would do with her future.

But her destiny changes when she meets Caleb, and her world changes. the night she meets him, she saves his life, and in a symbolic way, he saves hers.

Maggie and Caleb soon realizes that they are Significants, soul mates and Maggie learns that Caleb and his world are not quite human, and she is introduced to a war that has been ongoing amongst others similiar to Caleb and his family. A war, which Maggie soon discovers, she plays a major part!

Review: This book truly satisfied my romantic soul. I am complete push over for a romance, and believe it or not, it isn’t easy to find one, that doesn’t overkill, too soppy…it’s a rare find to locate one that has just enough! This one is exceptional, now if you are not into romance, meaning you don’t like or only desire a little romance. Then I would caution you, but not discourage you from reading this. Yes, the major component is their intense love for the other, but there is action and adventure, which Ms Crane does a wonderful job of mixing into the story! My favorite part(action) is when Maggie is captured, that is an intense segment in the story!

But I enjoyed this! Give it a try:)

So, there you have it! Just a few from My Bookshelf! Try them out!

Happy reading all!:)


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