Hello Happy Readers! Welcome back!

Wow, a week has passed already since the launch of Indiewritersreview! So much going on, but I am thankful for the opportunity to reach again! This week, The focus will not be on a Featured Author, but I will introduce what I call  My Bookshelf:)

I’m not sure about you, but whenever I go into a person’s house and they show me their book room(anyone who has one, loves to show them!:) That’s the sign of a true bibliophile! Upon being introduced to this area, wherever their Bookdom resides; whether a formal in-house library, shelves packed to brimming and overflowing(these are the best in my opinion:) in the kitchen, stored in piles in the trunk of their car!(Yep, I’ve seen them, shoot!… this was how I carried by book jewels around for a time!) But wherever, I always love to see what is on their shelf. What are they reading?Even if I know our tastes differ…I just can’t help myself, I always feel the thrill of finding something new!

So, on the off weeks,(bi-weekly) when we are not showcasing an Author Feature, that is what I will do, reveal the treasures of what I have been reading; what is stored in my Kindle, Nook, Automobile trunk:) I will include a few words on what I… as a reader felt while reading the book. Because as readers, that is what we do, it’s not only a matter of words filtering through our brains. But we should have an experience….if it’s written well. Feel , smell, taste what the characters are feeling, smelling, tasting….

So, I will share My Bookshelf, and some samples of cool book trailers!Plus, like most I do alot of researching and surfing the net. Especially as a writer and Indie publisher; so in the Inkwell, I will list information that I hope will help those interested in the field of Indie writing and publishing:)

So, check out My Bookshelf below, the book trailer section and the Inkwell!

As always, Happy reading all:)


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