Welcome to Indiewritersreview! This is an exciting time for me, due to my being a reader way before I began writing! So indiewritersreview combines my favorite things, reading books and talking about the books I read;combined with the opportunity of speaking with the writers of these books!

Wow! how cool is that?!

Now I will say that I have read a  number of book blogs ;many dedicated to YA Books, and surprisingly indiewriters! I think it’s great, and I hope to be counted as one of those marvelous resources out there!

I am a writer myself so I understand the challenge of sitting down to a blank page, and hopefully creating something that will draw a reader into the world created from the imagination; So I look at indiewritersreview as an opportunity to support what has been a life long love, the written word; and those brave enough to undertake  the adventure! So to all the authors out there who inspired me to write and those today who are inspiring me to continue to do so.

Thanks Guys!

Honesty in reviews: Many times  I have noted a  trend in reading the reviews of others; That  criticism, is often mistaken for honesty. Now, please understand, yes,  this is true. A critical review is helpful to an author to look at their work, in truth, and cut the fat and hone their skills to make a better product. Constructive criticism, yes, is very important. And there are many opportunities for this type of review, and many places to locate such on the web, and again, in my opinion they have their function and it is needed. But here at indiewritersreview, the emphasis will be on showcasing the indie writers and their titles. As a reader, I will be very honest in my opinion from a reader’s point of view!Although to stay true to the vision set forth for this platform; the emphasis will be more on introducing readers to the unknown gems out there! A gateway to discover more exciting reads!

I will say that the challenge of many indie authors, myself included is obtaining all the needed faucets available to self publish a good product, a good read… resources such as cover art, editing and such. So I will set this as a precedent for all my reviews, even before reading the book, that yes, it is understood in my opinion that as an indie author, a diligence will need to occur in what we produce, keeping a keen awareness on making sure the document is formatted correctly, that it is edited, and grammatically correct. Many writers, myself included:) Find this as an ongoing challenge, so it is understood from here out that this is a blanket statement for any and all reviews; to acknowledge that this is an important faucet that we as indie writers and publishers should remain aware of , so that we can continue bringing the best books to our readers!

Nuts and Bolts of this platform: I will post weekly, every Saturday. Author Features will be bi-weekly.

Fun stuff:

So I hope that you will look around, stop in and see what some of the rising stars of the Indie YA field are saying in their own words, in our author interview and guest blog sections!, Have a peek at some of the cool book trailers, and hop over to the Inkwell, and see what is in the grab bag; from tips on writing, links to other blogs listing your fave books, and indie works, and the showcase of talented graphic artist, illustrators and designers, who help make those fabulous covers that we all love to sit and adore:) So look around and then come back and read about our Feature review author, Raine Thomas and her series Daughters of Saraqael trilogy!

Happy reading All:)


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