Review: Daughters Of Saraqael trilogy by Raine Thomas

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Review: Daughters of Saraqael trilogy by Raine Thomas


My rating is 5 out of 5 stars


This trilogy follows the adventures of the Estilorian society; which are beings whom are the basis for all human myths and biblical stories. They aren’t Gods or goddesses, they’re not angels, they’re the origins, from which human beliefs in these others beings, originated. Humans and Estilorians once lived side by side on earth; the Estilorians were long lived and had great power. Once the humans realized that they would never have these abilities; humans’ waged war on the Estilorians as well as battling one another. In order to save humanity, nine elder Estilorians created their own plane of existence and removed the Estilorians race from earth, becoming beings of legends and myths. Generations later, with their separation from humanity, the Estilorians lost the ability to experience emotions, love especially.

Therefore, to remedy the situation one of the great Estilorians returned to earth to study humanity, to seek a remedy to the Estilorians dire situation. Saraqael, the Estilorian came to earth and fell in love. But his human love was dying and in his attempts to save her life, he brought forth what was up to that point, thought to be impossible, a new life(Estilorians females had lost the ability to give birth) and the fact the children were half human was even more astounding.

So the Daughters of Saraqael follow these children Amber, Olivia and Skye.

Becoming follows Amber the first born, her strengths are her leadership abilities, the gift of healing and physical prowess in fighting and weaponry (her symbol of strength is the sword); she was raised in foster homes, and constantly shipped from one home to the next due to the fact she was developing abilities and powers that were not understood by the humans that took her into their home, She finally finds a home where she becomes stable and befriends another child there called Gabriel, they grow up close friends, and once grown fall in love. The two, having declared their love; receives the revelation that will change their lives forever and they are taken to a completely new world, where they have to rely on each other and their love for one another.

Central follows Olivia the second born, who strengths lie mainly in logic and wisdom, and she has powers that are of the huntress, and her symbol of power is the bow and arrow; the story now has the sisters reunited and are being assimilated into Estilorian society; also each sister discovers their talents and find that not all the Estilorians welcome their arrival, they face threats, betrayal and danger, and Olivia faces death and only the love of those she cares for will be the strength she needs to determine if she will survive or not.

Foretold follows Skye and is the final installment in the trilogy, Skye is the more spiritual of the sisters, her powers of the spirit and light, in her tale the girls face those of the Estilorians,who practices darkness, and would like to use the sisters to reenter earth, to conquer and control humanity. The sisters and their guardians must battle against these evil forces.

Review: Anyone that has breath in their body and has been on any of the social media platforms has probably heard my raves regarding this trilogy. The reviews I have seen for this book range from addictive to alluring. This is an understatement. The writing has a lyrical quality, with the feel I received when first breaking open another of my most fav series Twilight! That same poetic tone resides in the pages of this tale.

When I first began Becoming, I have to be honest, it took a little while for my mind to wrap around the concept of the Estilorians; with the proliferation of titles that involve in some capacity the tales of werewolves and vampires, or maybe to a lesser degree faes, fallen angles etc.…it was a challenge to have something…new… Please understand I am a Twi hard fan!  Twi mom, whatever you wish to term me; I love the storyline vamps vs. wolf concept; but it was refreshing to have a completely new twist in a story. Beings that started it all!

After I got passed the initial thought, “where are the vamps?!” I loved it! I was drawn into the story of the tough but fragile inside Amber, and I fell in love with Gabriel around the same time Amber herself did! When the sisters united and we were transported to a new plane, I was wondering, hmmm, okay but I was just getting used to this….but wow…where I thought it was good before, well it just revved up the story more.

By the time I started Central I became entranced with the sisters, their guardians and their new world. Central was wonderful because Ms. Thomas really described their new home in such detail and well, that it became real to me! I loved the descriptions of the Estilorians themselves, their plane, their homes, their customs all was lovely! I especially enjoyed the description of the golden unicorn that is seen only at dusk. This was the book, Central that hooked me, that made me a diehard Daughters of the Saraqael trilogy fan!

Now a little about the guardians, those sent to protect and train the sisters, there is Gabriel, James, and Caleb. Frankly I have no other way to say this, they are hot! I know I know…My daughter is now emotionally scarred for life, hearing her mother say hot in any sense not meaning dinner:) Also saying it in public, wow! But really, the way Ms Thomas describes them; that really is the only fitting description:). My thought was wow, THIS is a YA novel? Now, please understand everything was age appropriate, and tasteful but, the guardians, whew! Nice:) The guardians had the role of being protectors; but they weren’t over protective, knowing how much room to foster the girl’s independence.  The combination of the heroes being challenged with limited emotions and having those emotions awakened by these young women, was simply touching.

Overall I enjoyed the trilogy, they were satisfying reads, there was none of the short sheet feeling where, by the end of the story, the reader is left with, wow that was great, but it wasn’t enough. This trilogy satisfied, leaving the reading with a feeling of completeness and satisfaction.

For my YA audience…it rocked!:)

I truly encouraged trying Daughters of Saraqel trilogy by Raine Thomas you will not be disappointed.

As always happy reading all!:)



2 thoughts on “Review: Daughters Of Saraqael trilogy by Raine Thomas

  1. I have to say that I’m fascinated by the conceptual basis for this series and am drawn to these titles as such.

    The proliferation of titles in this genre makes it difficult for gems like these to pop up and get a decent exposure but this series carries alot of promise as this review suggests.

    I’ll be adding these to my list for 2012.

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