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I’m back again and I am really excited about today’s showcases. Indiewritersreview will feature and review Teen author Gabrielle and her new story Starlight! ;Under Inkwell  are the Night School: Dasheen  Bellamy, Vampire Hunter trilogy, photo shoot pictures! And lastly, there are some slight changes to Indiewritersreview; Such as Indiewritersreview Trailer stop, that will showcase what Indiewriters listen to as they pen your favorite stories!And more!


Night school: Dasheen  Bellamy, Vampire Hunter trilogy photo shoot

The photo shoot for the cover of the first book in the Night School trilogy, release March 2012, was a great success!

V’bre photography did an excellent job  working with our young model who portrayed the vamp hunter Dasheen Bellamy (Angel). The weather was beautiful for the shooting, and the staff was very gracious at the Pythian Children’s Home for allowing us access to their grounds and facilities:) Hugs and kisses guys:)

So, check out some of the photos, which include behind the scenes shots, and official photos of Night school: Dasheen Bellamy, Vampire Hunter trilogy

Deets on the cover reveal date will be announced soon:)

Indiewriters trailer stop

Indiewritersreview has added the Indewritersreview trailer stop.

Yep, most writers have a soundtrack, (the perfect BOOK track)… in their heads, when writing your favorite stories! So here indiewriters will give the scoop on what these talented muses were grooving to (yes, I said grooving:) while they penned these fabulous stories we all know and love!

So check back each week as the list is added to, and see the fan music that inspired your favorite indiewriters!:)

Now! Drum roll please!:)


STARLIGHT by Gabrielle (Teen Author)

Found on Goodreads (www.goodreads.com)

I am so excited! Simply star struck at having the opportunity to review one of the latest stories of this young author who is taking Goodreads  by storm! Gabrielle is drumming up likes and comments left and right!;and with reason, she is a phenomenal young writer!


Starlight follows James and Maya, two high school kid, enmeshed in the age old struggle, our families hate each other! James is a hunter of witches and yep you guessed it Maya is a witch! Trouble is a- brewing when James falls (like a ton of bricks;) for Maya and vice versey:) Throw in a wicked witch mom who now appears to be after James, and a mysterious shadow figure who appears to be one of the good guys…and you have Starlight!

Check out Muses Starlight video under Indiewriters trailer stop, which was the inspiration for this story says the young author on her author page!

Review of Starlight

Starlight is an excellent read. The storytelling by this young author is incredible! Gabrielle is able to keep the reader on the edge of their seats with her INCREDIBLE description and wonderful cliff hangers. Add in a pinch of mystery, (like who is the ethereal man?  Why does her mom want to kill James? Why is Maya so different? Who is the “she” her mom rants about? What is Maya’s true destiny? and will James and Maya be able to hook up before their families try to kill the other?:); throw in some passion and you have Starlight!

Taken from Starlight: “You can see my magic?” she breathes, taken aback by my passion.
“What…..what does it look like?” she asks me.
“It’s like this great light that makes your skin glow. Yours – it’s gold and lights up your whole being. It’s beautiful – it makes you beautiful.”
For what seems like a life time, we’re just staring at one another. Like magnets attracting, we near each other slowly, until our foreheads are almost touching.
“You think I’m beautiful,” she states, rather than asks.
“Yes,” I whisper.
“I – I don’t know what to say,” she murmurs.
“Then don’t say anything.”

A must read!check it out on Goodreads all!:)

Happy Reading!


Hello My wonderful Book Family!

Hope you’re having an outstanding book filled Saturday! Here at Indiewritersreview; we have another stupendous Indie author to showcase! I’m  SO living the dream!… Reading fabu books AND speaking with their dynamite creators:) So swe-e-e-t!:)


Interlude: Make sure you check out KaSonndra Leigh, outstanding author of teen YA paranormal; When Copper Suns Fall; and catch a peek at Ms. Leigh’s  blog under the Indiewriters guest blogs; Want more of  When Copper Suns Fall?; Then make your way to the  Inkwell/Artist spotlight to learn more!:)


           Bone Dressing by Michelle Brooks!

First Impressions Rock!

Guys, I’m sure you have heard the old adage of making a good first impression? Right? yep, most of us have heard this…well, let me say that Ms Brooks was scorching in this first novel in her series!;the writing is intriguing and let us not forget the sensational cover, that stops you in your track; causes you to pick up the book and go” HOW COOL IS THIS?!”

Follow through

Ms. Brooks follows through with a story concept that is absorbing; gripping the reader in a journey, that is filled with mystifying twist, turns and surprises!

What’s it about then?

The eerily, lovely Bone Dressing follows the story of   17-year-old Sydney Roberdeau;  Syd is a young woman who feels out-of-place in her home, life and skin. She is looking forward to her eighteenth birthday; the day which she believes will mark the beginning of her true life and freedom.

Syd only feels at home in the local cemetery where she goes amongst the quiet of those sleeping in their graves;  It is there that  strangely Syd feels the most alive.

She is most drawn to the grave site of a young woman by the name of Rachel and her infant son. She feels a peculiar pull towards the young woman; Syd’s mind is titillated with the thought of who Rachel was and how her life might have been.

One night, after a particularly ugly fight with her parents, and under the strain of  fear at having a hastily committed stunt she committed discovered; Syd sneaks out of her home with the intention of seeking out her freedom; not waiting for her birthday.

She goes to the cemetery, and after settling in; Syd attempts to  contemplate her next move; she meets a party of three who will change what Syd knows to be  reality;  and leaves her with questions concerning what she knows about herself.

Beau, Sarah, TJ enter Syd’s world with a tale which is as puzzling and incomprehensible as they are to her.

TJ(Panther) who is protective of the siblings Beau and Sarah; and who has otherworldly abilities that will aid Syd on a shocking journey

Sarah: the young girl, who seems far advance for her age; wise way above of years.

Beau:  Syd has an unusually magnetic pull immediately to the smoldering boy from the bayou! AGAIN, the guys in YA novels have sure changed from when I was younger!:)

Their tale  is that Syd has a mission… a journey to go on into her past lives to learn the truths, find the answers that will heal the several crucial mistakes that have affected Syd’s soul; and has brought her discontent, frustration and danger in life after life….

Bone Dressing follows Syd going into her previous life as Rachel(the grave that she had been so pulled towards) and her deep, passionate love for Jesse…

When Jesse is killed, this damages Rachel’s soul that is affecting the girl Rachel would become today….Syd…

There are some incredible discoveries that Syd discovers when she goes back into the life of Rachel, I mean wow!… (I don’t which to spoil it…so…I won’t!:)


Bone Dressing was an excellent read, I was captivated with the smoky, shadowy atmosphere created by Ms. Brooks…

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the fight within Syd herself when she was struggling to understand herself, and struggling to keep control when meeting the enigmatic Beau.

Beau is LOVELY! yes…yes…I can just imagine the smooth drawl of the Cajun…

and I was COMPLETELY mesmerized by the deep, passionate, consuming love of Rachel and Jessie, their devotion to one another despite, societal and culture conventions…

My favorite passage was when after the vows(yep, Rachel marries Jesse:) Spoiled that part:) That she says…

“And, in that moment, I felt the rhythm of my own heart shift. Forever replacing the Rachel I had been my entire life with the Rachel I was now. The Rachel I had been born to be. Jesse’s  Rachel”…(taken from Bone Dressing)

Can we say… giving Twilight a run for the money?:)

I most definitely recommend you go pick up this book, and fall into the magic of Bone Dressing!

Happy reading all! (I say in an alluring and spooky voice to fit this occasion:)

Night School Cover photo shoot!

Hey All!

Just wanted to send a quick note regarding the photo shoot that is taking place Jan. 21st! The Night School: Dasheen Bellamy, Vampire Hunter, cover will be shot!

Vbre Photography will be doing the honors:) We’re all so excited! Just had a meeting with Vbre….really, this is the life!; I can spend time discussing the wardrobe for my Vampire Hunter, or where can I find the best cross-bow?; all in the middle of the day! Sweet!

But I just wanted to show the location of the photo shoot! It is the Pythian Home, Children’s Home ….which we are very grateful for the use of their grounds and (hopefully…hint…hint, their facilities:)

Happy reading!

Change of Focus

Hey Book fam!

YA audience, I have received some feedback on Indiewritersreview from you! Although you enjoyed the reviews, from what I am gathering there are some tweaks that could be done to make it better! Well, I am all for making Indiewriters better!

Change of Focus: My focus has been primarily on writers and those working in Indie publishing; while striving to have interesting tidbits for my YA readers! Well YA readers you have spoken, and so Indiewritersreview will shift, focusing on the tidbits for you more!:)

Game Plan: So, Indiewritersreview will continue to feature bi-weekly features of Authors and Artist; but where they once were in separated areas, now will be front page news! Saving the rest for awesome book trailers, music montages and more!

Hold on, give me a sec!:) So, YA, these changes will happen GRADUALLY!:) So, continue to check back and check out what’s new, as it happens!:)

Posting and Updating:) YA, you werent feeling this once a week?:) So, ok, will update, moment to moment…daily…weekly…as events unfold!

YA this is for you! So, is this better now?:) LOL, Alright, hope so! Stay with us  and keep checking out Indie!

Happy Reading!

Hello Happy Readers! Welcome back!

Wow, a week has passed already since the launch of Indiewritersreview! So much going on, but I am thankful for the opportunity to reach again! This week, The focus will not be on a Featured Author, but I will introduce what I call  My Bookshelf:)

I’m not sure about you, but whenever I go into a person’s house and they show me their book room(anyone who has one, loves to show them!:) That’s the sign of a true bibliophile! Upon being introduced to this area, wherever their Bookdom resides; whether a formal in-house library, shelves packed to brimming and overflowing(these are the best in my opinion:) in the kitchen, stored in piles in the trunk of their car!(Yep, I’ve seen them, shoot!… this was how I carried by book jewels around for a time!) But wherever, I always love to see what is on their shelf. What are they reading?Even if I know our tastes differ…I just can’t help myself, I always feel the thrill of finding something new!

So, on the off weeks,(bi-weekly) when we are not showcasing an Author Feature, that is what I will do, reveal the treasures of what I have been reading; what is stored in my Kindle, Nook, Automobile trunk:) I will include a few words on what I… as a reader felt while reading the book. Because as readers, that is what we do, it’s not only a matter of words filtering through our brains. But we should have an experience….if it’s written well. Feel , smell, taste what the characters are feeling, smelling, tasting….

So, I will share My Bookshelf, and some samples of cool book trailers!Plus, like most I do alot of researching and surfing the net. Especially as a writer and Indie publisher; so in the Inkwell, I will list information that I hope will help those interested in the field of Indie writing and publishing:)

So, check out My Bookshelf below, the book trailer section and the Inkwell!

As always, Happy reading all:)

MY BOOKSHELF (Quick Reviews)

Here are a few of the books I have in my Kindle right now! First:)

      Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol


Evie Claremont is a seventeen year old college freshman. She was raised by her uncle and was thrilled of the prospect of attending Crestwood college. There she meets sophomore Reed Wellington who is tall, dark, handsome and Evie is instantly drawn to him(but he has a secret and appears to know more about Evie than she knows of herself); also the fly in the ointment is… Reed appears to hate Evie on sight!But is he protesting too much? Is it truly dislike? Or is he fighting what’s inevitable?:)

Add to the mix another hottie named Russell, who Evie meets,and feels as if she has known forever; then.,..a huge mystical destiny, and a countdown to the end of her world as she knows it… and you have Inescapable!

Review: Loved it! I enjoyed being wrapped into the story, getting acquainted with the characters. I felt what Evie felt when becoming aware of Reed, the passion pull that was almost tangible between the two. Then the complete frustration when Reed pushes away, almost literally. The pain, of loving someone that seems to not want you for reasons unknown. I felt overjoyed, when… (I’m trying not to spoil it:) when love is shared. The development of Evie, from a naive character, seeming at times unsure, developing into one of such power towards the end of the story, was truly a treat. This is a book that must be read, I am fully looking forward to the second installment called Intuition!


Red by Kait Nolan

Overview:Elodie Rose has always known her mother’s secret. She has been trained to understand what her mother was and to fear becoming the same. The curse which plagued the women in her family for generations which caused them to turn into wolves has been the nightmare that haunted her nights and shadowed her days. Living with her father, Elodie is told to hide what she will become; then one day, she meets the boy who will change her world.

Sawyer, knows who he is, also wolf, but his anger stems from believing his father could have prevented his mother’s death, or at the very least avenged her death.

Due to his wolf nature, which has to be balanced by his mate, he is a smoldering ember awaiting to burst into flames; until he sees Elodie, who he is witnessing trying to cut her wrist, he intervenes and is surprised to learn later, that she wasn’t attempting to kill herself, but was trying to kill the fear that she would one day try.

The two come together, at first, Sawyer isnt sure but has suspicions that Elodie is wolf, and she  has no idea of Sawyer’s secret, but while working together on a research project, tragedy strikes the area, and a killer begins to hunt. Both Sawyer and Elodie are determined to protect the other, and they enter into a race against time and the hunter.

Review: I love wolves, and always enjoy reading the new and various twist,different writers place on this storyline. I was not disappointed! I enjoyed the protectiveness that Sawyer and Elodie had towards the other; I enjoyed how Sawyer, took the time, and had the patience, to aide Elodie in discovering who she really was, and seeing the beauty in herself and her heritage. I believe the book had a wonderful underlying theme, that ignorance of oneself and the beauty within, can steal and destroy so much of a person’s life. embracing oneself, is the key to happiness. My favorite scenes were their times of training when in the forest,(campsite), before having to be in search  of the hunter.  While  Sawyer was training Elodie; their love, which at the beginning is the normal fierce spark, fast and furious.(Possibly with more of an edge due to their wolf heritage); during these scenes, there appeared to be a noticeable growth, evolving into something more permanent while they are off together.

I truly recommend this title, a true find!:)

and Siginificance!

Significance by Shelly Crane

Overview: Significance follows seventeen Maggie Masters. She is an only child raised by her father, after her mother left. the story opens with Maggie graduating, but all is not right with the world. She is graduating, but her father is emotionally absent, her longtime boyfriend had recently dumped her, her mother was physically absent and she wasn’t sure what she would do with her future.

But her destiny changes when she meets Caleb, and her world changes. the night she meets him, she saves his life, and in a symbolic way, he saves hers.

Maggie and Caleb soon realizes that they are Significants, soul mates and Maggie learns that Caleb and his world are not quite human, and she is introduced to a war that has been ongoing amongst others similiar to Caleb and his family. A war, which Maggie soon discovers, she plays a major part!

Review: This book truly satisfied my romantic soul. I am complete push over for a romance, and believe it or not, it isn’t easy to find one, that doesn’t overkill, too soppy…it’s a rare find to locate one that has just enough! This one is exceptional, now if you are not into romance, meaning you don’t like or only desire a little romance. Then I would caution you, but not discourage you from reading this. Yes, the major component is their intense love for the other, but there is action and adventure, which Ms Crane does a wonderful job of mixing into the story! My favorite part(action) is when Maggie is captured, that is an intense segment in the story!

But I enjoyed this! Give it a try:)

So, there you have it! Just a few from My Bookshelf! Try them out!

Happy reading all!:)


Welcome to Indiewritersreview! This is an exciting time for me, due to my being a reader way before I began writing! So indiewritersreview combines my favorite things, reading books and talking about the books I read;combined with the opportunity of speaking with the writers of these books!

Wow! how cool is that?!

Now I will say that I have read a  number of book blogs ;many dedicated to YA Books, and surprisingly indiewriters! I think it’s great, and I hope to be counted as one of those marvelous resources out there!

I am a writer myself so I understand the challenge of sitting down to a blank page, and hopefully creating something that will draw a reader into the world created from the imagination; So I look at indiewritersreview as an opportunity to support what has been a life long love, the written word; and those brave enough to undertake  the adventure! So to all the authors out there who inspired me to write and those today who are inspiring me to continue to do so.

Thanks Guys!

Honesty in reviews: Many times  I have noted a  trend in reading the reviews of others; That  criticism, is often mistaken for honesty. Now, please understand, yes,  this is true. A critical review is helpful to an author to look at their work, in truth, and cut the fat and hone their skills to make a better product. Constructive criticism, yes, is very important. And there are many opportunities for this type of review, and many places to locate such on the web, and again, in my opinion they have their function and it is needed. But here at indiewritersreview, the emphasis will be on showcasing the indie writers and their titles. As a reader, I will be very honest in my opinion from a reader’s point of view!Although to stay true to the vision set forth for this platform; the emphasis will be more on introducing readers to the unknown gems out there! A gateway to discover more exciting reads!

I will say that the challenge of many indie authors, myself included is obtaining all the needed faucets available to self publish a good product, a good read… resources such as cover art, editing and such. So I will set this as a precedent for all my reviews, even before reading the book, that yes, it is understood in my opinion that as an indie author, a diligence will need to occur in what we produce, keeping a keen awareness on making sure the document is formatted correctly, that it is edited, and grammatically correct. Many writers, myself included:) Find this as an ongoing challenge, so it is understood from here out that this is a blanket statement for any and all reviews; to acknowledge that this is an important faucet that we as indie writers and publishers should remain aware of , so that we can continue bringing the best books to our readers!

Nuts and Bolts of this platform: I will post weekly, every Saturday. Author Features will be bi-weekly.

Fun stuff:

So I hope that you will look around, stop in and see what some of the rising stars of the Indie YA field are saying in their own words, in our author interview and guest blog sections!, Have a peek at some of the cool book trailers, and hop over to the Inkwell, and see what is in the grab bag; from tips on writing, links to other blogs listing your fave books, and indie works, and the showcase of talented graphic artist, illustrators and designers, who help make those fabulous covers that we all love to sit and adore:) So look around and then come back and read about our Feature review author, Raine Thomas and her series Daughters of Saraqael trilogy!

Happy reading All:)