IndieWritersReview Welcomes More Than Words by Susan Behon (Sizzling PR Virtual Book Tour) Spotlight/Giveaway Feature

Hello everyone! I am very happy that today IndieWritersReview is hosting More Than Words by Susan Behon! (Sizzling PR Virtual Book Tour).

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Welcome to Madison Falls, where love is in the air and gossip is ripe on the vine.
Tracy King, the cupcake queen, has given up on getting her prince charming to notice her.
After over a year of coming to her bakery, Ben Carrington, tall, dark, and … quiet, has yet to ask her out. Ben likes sampling her cupcakes, but little does she know that his real craving is for a taste of Tracy.
A leaky roof on a rainy night leaves Tracy swamped, literally. Ben brings her home with him, knowing that actions speak louder than words. Tempting Tracy into romance is easier said than done when secrets from her past come back to Madison Falls with a vengeance.
Ben has a secret of his own but can’t let it keep him from protecting his lady love. Will he finally tell her his true feelings or will he be silenced for good?
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About the Author:
Susan Behon, author of the Madison Falls series, enjoys creating a world that brings readers love, laughter, and a healthy dose of sexiness. Susan graduated summa cum laude with a B. A. in English from Norfolk State University. She currently lives in Ohio with her very own romance hero of a husband and their two wonderful daughters.


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IndieWritersReview’s Review of Lurking In The Deep Anthology ( Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing)

a fun plus 102

Book Review



#‎MyJulyReview‬ Okay guys I’m getting a jump on my July Reviews! Lol I wanted to share my thoughts on a awesome Anthology I picked up! Love having so many awesome tales in one read! So check out my thoughts on Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing‘s Lurking In The Deep Anthology!




a fun plus 101


My Thoughts

Lurking In The Deep Anthology is an enjoyable, chilling read! The stories reminded me of lovely tales told around the camp fire or when among friends. Many of the stories had the lyrical quality of folk tales that’d been handed down through generations; some meant to warn…others to instruct…but all definitely entertained the reader!

The entire collection proved to be well written, full of twists and turns! I had a few that truly caught my attention the The Reluctant Seamstress, Widow’s Cut and Crescent’s Creature! But overall each author in the anthology provided a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Excellent collection!

IndieWritersReview It’s July 01st Happy IndiePrideDay!!! #‎IndieBooksBeSeen‬

Happy IndiePrideDay!!! July 01st has been designated Indie Pride to celebrate all of the very talented Indie published Authors and Independent Press out there! Make sure to head over to ‪#‎IBBS‬ – Indie Books Be Seen‪#‎IndieBooksBeSeen‬ ( Face Book) group! Also share, re-post your favorite Indie reads! Show some love and support!

I support indie books and authors! I AM an indie author!!  Woot!


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a fun plus 102


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IndieWritersReview Welcomes Complete Firstborn Trilogy bundle by Author Raine Thomas! (Special Bonus Peek of ‘I Do’ Feature!)

Hello Everyone! I’m so excited that I am participating as one of the hosts for the Complete Firstborn Trilogy bundle by the fantabulous Author Raine Thomas! The bundle also includes special bonus content! If you haven’t read this amazing trilogy, now’s the perfect time to check it out! Order the Firstborn Trilogy + I Do for just $0.99!


This complete set includes all three books in Raine Thomas’ Firstborn Trilogy (Defy, Shift, and Elder). The award-winning Estilorian series continues with the electrifying next generation. Follow the descendants of the daughters of Saraqael as they embark upon their own thrilling adventures and race against time to save the Estilorian plane…battling for love along the way.
Seventeen-year-old Tate is about to make her parents’ dreams come true. Unfortunately for her, their dreams foretell her death. With the help of a shadowy male named Zachariah, can she defy her fate?
Having the ability to shapeshift, Sophia is familiar with change, but even she struggles with the changes bombarding her life. When she’s thrown into the hunt for the Elder Scroll, she’ll have to overcome her insecurities…or two of the beings she loves most will die.
On the journey for the Elder Scroll, Clara Kate has endured heartbreak, terror, pain and loss. She’s even been brought to the brink of death. She thinks things can’t get any worse. She’s wrong.

Now read on for an excerpt from “I Do” (an Estilorian Short Story) and find out how to buy it today!

During their travels, Tate had met other Mercesti like Zachariah and his chosen class leaders. But then there were Mercesti like these, she thought sourly, bringing up her nunchucks to block a slicing sword. Mercesti who refused to fall in line with Zachariah’s leadership. Mercesti who thought they should have the right to take anything they wanted, including the lives of any Estilorians who got in their way.  
Mercesti who stood between her and her wedding day.

This group was larger than most of the others had been, Tate observed as she used Tiege’s bent knee to launch herself at another opponent. They were also more trained and organized. 

Their leader was a tall, dark-skinned male named Cain. Zachariah had barely approached Cain and introduced himself before the aggressive male and his followers raised their weapons to fight. It seemed they had already heard of Zachariah’s ascension to elder and had been seeking him out to challenge him. Now, Cain and Zachariah were battling across the forest clearing where the combat had initiated. 

Fighting this group was the last thing Tate had wanted, though. She had even asked Zachariah to pass them by. After all, she, Zachariah, Tiege, Ariana, and the Mercesti who had been invited to the wedding were on their way to the protected area surrounding her family’s home. Her mother and aunts were all waiting for them to arrive to begin the celebration. 

Her stubborn avowed could not be swayed, however. Tate wasn’t actually that upset about the delay. She was proud of Sparky’s determination to clean up his class and integrate them with the nine other Estilorian classes. But lord, she was tired. 

She had lost count of the number of small battles they had waged since Eirik’s defeat. It felt as though they finished one battle, got a few hours of sleep, and headed on to the next. Yes, there were days when they met up with friendly Mercesti and took some time to introduce themselves and get to know them, but those moments hardly made up for the time they were fighting. 

We’ll wrap this up soon enough, Beautiful. 

Tate heard her avowed’s thought as she spun out of the way of an axe’s downward swing. Her gaze lifted to Zachariah’s across clearing. She realized she had unintentionally broadcasted her thoughts to him. 

I know, Sparky, she returned.  

If she could keep herself focused, she privately added.

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About the Author
Raine Thomas is the award-winning author of bestselling Young Adult and New Adult fiction. Known for character-driven stories that inspire the imagination, Raine recently signed with multiple award-winning producer Chase Chenowith of Back Fence Productions to bring her popular Daughters of Saraqael trilogy to the big screen. She’s a proud indie author who is living the dream. When she isn’t writing or glued to e-mail or social networking sites, Raine can usually be found vacationing with her husband and daughter on one of Florida’s beautiful beaches or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

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IndieWritersReview Welcomes Wildflower by Alexandra Forry (VBTCafe Virtual Tour) Excerpt and Signed Paperback Giveaway Feature!

Happy Tuesday All! Today I am very excited to participate as a host for Wildflower by Author Alexandra Forry as part of her VBTCafe virtual tour! Also make sure to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below for your chance at a signed paperback with personal inscription by the author!




6 Besties at IndieWritersReview


1. Best writing wardrobe. In my P.J.’s all the way!

2. Best Inspiration for writing. A Natural Crystal Salt Lamp, and soft music playing in the background with a glass of Pepsi.

3. Best writing place. I use to have this beautiful courtyard at my old house, and boy I wrought all the time out there. I miss it.

4. Best Pick-Me-Up book. Casino Love and Honor in Las Vegas by Nicholas Pileggi. ;)

5. Best secret talent. Oh, it has to be my beautiful talent for ceramic.

6. Best experience or writing idea. Nope, can’t tell you all my best writing idea. I’m writing it as we speak! As for my best experience, I like to keep it to myself.

Author Bio:
Alexandra Forry has an incredible talent for living vicariously through the colorful and intriguing escapades of her strong female characters and successful leading men. Her first book, “Omerta Affair,” based on the true story of mafia boss Tony Torino and his paramour Evelyn Rosenberg has recently been adapted and re-released as “Timeless Endings”~ romance fiction. Her latest book, “Wildflower,” is an adventure in coming of age for both a young orphan and her repressed aunt who is trapped in a destructive marriage. It is a beautiful story of life, hope, growth, and triumph and deals with many of the traumas of youth, such as bullying.
Alexandra Forry is familiar with life’s challenges. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she lives with her loving grandparents. Alexandra has conquered the limitations of Cerebral Palsy to write exciting and engaging novels. She has completed a number of talks and internet
book tours and is a member of the Las Vegas Romance Writers and RWA.
Author Links –
Book Genre: Contemporary Romance


Publisher: CreateSpace
Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date: March 4, 2014
Book Description:
In this beautiful and moving story of love, growth, and redemption among the stunning red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, Sydney—a teenaged Army orphan—discovers that love knows no bounds and life has many twists and turns of fate. After she is forced to move in with her late mother’s sister Blanche and Blanche’s abusive alcoholic husband Dean, Sidney finds purpose and friendship in Lexy, the daughter of Max Heller the City’s most prominent widower and business magnate.
Unknowingly, the girls’ antics awaken Blanche’s lost and
suppressed passions and stirs Max’s long-thwarted drive to build a
loving and complete family. What emerges is the wonderfully
successful Epicurian Café, the brainchild of Blanche and Sydney
actively encouraged by Max and Lexy. The Café quickly becomes a
center of the community, the start of a new life for Blanche and
Sydney, and a chance for Max and Lexy to discover true love and the
meaning of commitment. An emotional roller-coaster with its exciting
twists and turns, Wildflower is an exhilarating and satisfying read.
Excerpt One:
Why don’t we open a business?
Like a simple sandwich and coffee shop,” Sydney announced with a
glimmer of hope in her eyes.
A sandwich shop?” Blanche asked,
looking surprised and a bit taken aback.
Yeah, why not?”
While Sydney waited for an answer,
Blanche just looked at her, dumbfounded
“Sydney, I would love to open a
sandwich shop, but it takes a lot of money–money that we just don’t
Oh please, Aunt Blanche! I bet you
can get a loan from the bank. It will be exciting!” Sydney pleaded.
I don’t think that your uncle
will approve. Sydney I love your idea, truly do! I was taken aback at
first, because it has always been a dream of mine to open a little
shop of some kind on Main Street,” Blanche said wistfully. ”It
costs a lot of money to open up a business, besides I have an offer
for a job in Prescott.”
Pooh on Uncle Dean, and turn down
that job. For me, please? You can ask Annette how to open a
business–she will know, since she owns her own business.” Sydney
said begging her aunt.
I will think about it,
okay, Sydney?” Blanche said making her way to her closet and
picking out a dress.





IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! 2 Spotlights! Electrical Pop Music Artist- Eves The Behavior and Steam Punk music machine inventor & musician Stefan GöG!

Happy Music Monday All! Today I have two awesome Artists I’ll shine the spotlight on! First up the very talented Australian Electrical Pop Music Artist Eves The Behavior and Steam Punk music machine inventor & musician Stefan GöG!


a fun plus 101

Bio: To be completed (as life goes on). a damned saint! an honourable villain!

world citizen b. 1994
a fun plus 106
Taken from    Indie Shuffle (On-line Radio)The 20-year-old Brisbane singer clearly has a lot of momentum behind her, as evidenced by the fact that veteran group Warpaint have decided to tackle her new song “TV.” In doing so, they’ve successfully plastered her name on my radar, and I’m okay with that.Eves The Behavior recently signed to Island Records, an impressive accomplishment given the relatively small body of music under her name. They’ll be helping her release a debut EP on July 24th, so if you’re keen you can keep abreast here: Website


From Eves The Behavior  (Youtube)

Published on Feb 2, 2015

one of my favourite authors Alain de Botton says that people only start to get interesting when they rattle the bars of their cages. that idea of being inherently half as bad as we are good is something I’m fascinated by. Balance. Equal portions. Im a big advocate for twistedness, for the negative emotions I used to be inclined to push away. Boredom, frustration, obsession, hunger, melancholy. so i decided I dont want to be euphoric all the time (then I’d forget the feeling)
welcome to my space. The characters all have purpose, most are from literature. patrick bateman is in there, among others…

The new single ‘TV’ by Eves The Behavior
‘TV’ is available now on iTunes now:

Directed by Josh Logue
DOP Callan Green





a fun plus 104

a fun plus 108

Stefan GöG

  • With his music machine inventor & musician Stefan GöG not only melts the boundaries
    between old and new, but even more merges them between man and machine.
    With his main instruments – the australian didgeridoo and the indian sitar –
    musician GöG complements the music machine to an extra-ordinary, never boring show.


IndieWritersReview’s Book Review: Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (The Dragonhorse Series Book 1) by Author Denice Garrou!

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to share my thought s on a great read! Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (The Dragonhorse Series Book 1) by Author Denice Garrou!


a fun plus 101



Blurb: Dragonhorse, a love tale that must endure the transcendence of time and dimensions.
What if who you truly are is lost from your memory just to keep you alive?
Young Shion’s life ripped from her, bound by a prophecy she herself had made a lifetime before, has become a seeker of the forgotten knowledge. She must fulfill her quest to relearn and regain her inherent power, before she can reclaim her life and the memory of her one true love. Her only salvation will be a dying horse and a gypsy schuvani. A thought provoking journey, back to a time when magic was forbidden, gypsies and witches were hunted, and dragons no longer lived . . . or didn’t they?


a fun plus 102

Denice Garrou is a visionary fiction writer who has spent most of her life following her bliss, by working with the spirit of the horse. She has shared a special bond with the horse and has realized the inner magic for healing and joy they possess.
She has spent 15 years studying energy healing, earth based religions, crystal healing, herbology and shamanism. Spent many hours in a sweat lodge, and had a healing with a Peruvian Shaman, who actually blew flames at her naked body! She has incorporated this knowledge with her knowledge of the horse, finding and experiencing what true magic is revealed.
Denice lives in the Rocky Mountains of  west central Colorado. When she is not performing magic, you will find her and her husband hiking or riding the mountain tops, rafting the white waters of the Arkansas River, or just enjoying the magical landscapes of Colorado.
She shares her home with her husband John, her three dogs, Nicco, Guido and Frodo and her one horse at this time, Ciara. But she plans on seeking out another horse needing to be rescued.

Denice did not realize that after writing this first book that it was to be a “saga” and has written book 2 “Sumayah” and book 3 “Talion” (title pending) is in the works. She believes her words are being channelled and has learned to trust this process. Writing these books and getting to know the characters and their stories has been just as exciting for her as it will be for the reader. If you would like to know more about her journey of blood, sweat, and tears with the horse and magic, and how she was inspired to write this story, you can go to the Dragonhorse website to learn more about it.

a fun plus 103

In Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (The Dragonhorse Series Book 1),  I discovered such a wonderful surprise and a treat! This is a coming of age story which follows Shion who along with her companion Ryven, leaves home on a quest to discover who she  really is and relearn all that she has forgotten. She also looks to discover her involvement in bringing the balance back to Earth and protecting Old Magic.

The journey changes Shion’s life forever, she not only has physical challenges, but many spiritual tests which she must learn and pass. There are many strange and unique travelers Shion will meet that touches her life in various but distinct ways! But no matter the obstacle, the goal before Shion is set and she strives to finish the course and win against the darkness that plagues those she loves!

An array of fascinating creatures are brought to life in this imaginative story  such as witches, gypsies, faeries, dragons, horses!

Dragonhorse  and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge, is a lush array of fantasy and magic perfect for those who love a good epic read! Well written, full of adventure plus surprising twists and turns which at times left my mouth open! Lol I am new to Ms. Garrou’s works, but I now count myself a fan and  I loved this read!

The story renewed that love in me for the magical, and unknown… but hoped for! The memory of my love for Unicorns came to mind while reading, and the book bolstered that belief that anything is possible, and this book supports reminds the reader of those dreams and wishes!

Lyrical, poetic Ms. Garrou’s writing has a beautiful rhythm which draws the reader into the story!

I fully recommend Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge (The Dragonhorse Series Book 1)  and I look forward to the next in the series! I recommend for those who love a good Epic Fantasy ! A wonderful YA read!