IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! Music Artist Lindsey Stirling! Master of Tides “Flash Mob” Performance!

Hello Everyone! It’s Monday so that must mean music! Today I have something fun for you!…I showcase  deets on classically trained violinist Lindsey Stirling, who is absolutely incredible with her futuristic sounds of electronic big beats and animation! Plus, we get a behind the scene peek at the preparation video, that shows Lindsey and her team preparing for her “Flash Mob” spontaneous performance for her newest release Master of Tides! Also check out the very cool actual music video!

Taken from  Artist Lindsey Stirling’s bio “after being told  the world had no place for a dancing dubstep violinist; and being voted off 2010’s “America’s Got Talent” at the quarterfinals…she uses her own story to show teenagers that you’ve got to have confidence in the very thing that makes you unique – then wait for the world to catch up.

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Lindsey Stirling


My new album Shatter Me featuring “Master of Tides” is available now!
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Lindsey Stirling is one of the biggest artist development breakthrough stories in recent years. A classically trained violinist from Gilbert, AZ, Lindsey has entered a futurist world of electronic big beats and animation, leaping through the music industry with over 675 million views on YouTube, Billboard chart-topping hits and sold out tours worldwide.
Lindsey’s self-titled debut album featured twelve original tracks; including the viral smash “Crystallize,” which has racked up over 97 million YouTube views. The album has sold over 350,000 copies in the US without the backing of a major label, and has gone platinum in Germany and gold in Poland and Switzerland. The album reached number one on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Chart and the Billboard Classical Album Chart and also peaked at #22 on the Billboard Top 200.
On April 29th, 2014 Lindsey released her new album Shatter Me, which debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart, her highest charting album to date. The album features 12 new songs written by Lindsey and includes collaborations with lead singer Lzzy Hale from the Grammy winning band Halestorm and The Voice runner-up Dia Frampton of Meg & Dia. “I really dug deep and poured my heart into Shatter Me,” said Lindsey. “Everything from the artwork to the music shares a cohesive message that I hope will inspire others to push their own boundaries.”
It is hard to believe that Piers Morgan told Lindsey Stirling the world had no place for a dancing dubstep violinist. But being voted off 2010’s “America’s Got Talent” at the quarterfinals turned out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Rejection simply strengthened Stirling’s resolve to be herself. “The same reasons I was told I wouldn’t succeed are the reasons people travel hundreds of miles to see me now,” she laughs. “Because it’s different. Because it’s something you haven’t seen before…” Since the show, Lindsey has flourished as an artist.
Raised in a Mormon community in Arizona, Lindsey studied classical music rigorously as a teenager. Lindsey’s love for the violin would not let go, and it became a comfort throughout her struggle with an eating disorder during her early adulthood. Through this passion, Lindsey has created a new music world where the romance of Celtic folk music and modern classical meet the infectious energy of dance and electronica.
On stage, Stirling moves with the grace of a ballerina but works the crowd into a frenzy, “dropping the beat” like a rave fairy. Stirling is the model of a modern independent recording artist, with a symbiotic relationship with her fans. She is famed for taking “requests” and has recorded unique versions of the themes from “Phantom Of The Opera” and “Game Of Thrones”, the computer games “Zelda,” “Pokemon,” and “Skyrim,” as well as pop songs by Michael Jackson and Rihanna; She uploads them all to Lindseystomp, a secondary YouTube channel packed with music videos and short comedy films, many featuring her alter-ego – a ‘superfan’ named Phelba.
A motivational speaker in her spare time, Stirling uses her own story to show teenagers that you’ve got to have confidence in the very thing that makes you unique – then wait for the world to catch up.







IndieWritersReview Spotlight on Doing Business God’s Way by Author Santiago Rivera (Maverick Promotions)

Hello Everyone! I’m so excited that  IndieWritersReview is host for Doing  Business God’s  Way  by Author Santiago Rivera as part of his Maverick Promotions virtual tour!


a answer


On Tour September 15th-19th

Author Santiago Rivera



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Santiago   is   an   innovative   leader   who   helps  professionals   with   the   entrepreneurial   spirit   push beyond  their  limits  through  his  mentoring,  workshops  and   soon   to   be   released   book,   Doing   Business   God’s  Way.  He   believes   that   all   people   on   Earth   have   a   divine  purpose  and  that  they  need  only  stop  and  listen  to  God’s  directions  to  fulfill  it.  Through his
personal  business  ministry,  Santiago  empowers  each  person  to  have  a  deeper,  co-­‐creative  relationship  with  God.  A   native   of   Puerto   Rico,   Santiago   has   led   a   richly   fulfilling   and   successful   career   by  following  in  the  footsteps  of  Jesus:

“Well,  then,”  Jesus  said,  “give  to  Caesar  what  belongs  to  Caesar,  and  give  to  God  what  belongs  to  God.”
(Mark  12:17  NKJV)

Santiago’s  groundbreaking  enterprise  Doing  Business  God’s  Way is  designed  to  inspire  all
entrepreneurs   to   collaborate   with   spirit   in   each   business   interaction   and   transaction   so
that  they  can  see  their  unique,  God-­‐given  pathway  to  success  and  prosperity.

What  you  might  not  know  about  Santiago:• He  spent  20  years  as  an  executive  administrator  in  the  healthcare  industry  where he  led   worldwide   teams   of   more   than   4,000   employees,   managed   P&L   for   business
divisions  exceeding   $500  million   revenue  and  initiated   $60  million  investments  in
intellectual   property   (technology   transfer)   operation   to   support   hospital   research
mission  and  in  new  information  systems.

• Each  morning  Santiago  drinks  a  cup  of  coffee  …  and  holds  a  board  meeting  with  God
about  his  business.


Title:  Doing  Business God’s  Way                                                          
Subtitle:  Invite  God  to  Partner  with  You  to  Create  
Business  Success
Author:  Santiago  Rivera
Publisher:  WillPower  Press,  Inc.
Date  of  Publication:  September  5,  2014
Pages:  144


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Doing Business  God’s  Way empowers   business   owners   to   create   or   expand   their   business
using  lessons   from   the  Word  of  God  while  offering  encouragement  and  support  along   the
Quite  often,  the  road  to  the  creation  and  sustainability  of  your  business  is  full  of  decisions
that   you  aren’t  necessarily  proud  of.  The  modern  business  world  is   fully  grounded  in   the
world  of  man  and  it  can  make  you  feel  like  you  are  far  removed  from  your  Creator.
In  this  step-­‐by-­‐step  guide,  Santiago  Rivera  will  help  you  invite  God  to  become  the  primary
partner  in  your  business  and  recognize  your  personal  and  business  journey.  Rivera,  a  20-­‐
year   veteran   executive   from   the   healthcare   industry,   is   an   innovative   leader   who   helps
professionals  with  the  entrepreneurial  spirit  push  beyond  their  limits.
Not  only  can  readers  experience  the  abundance  and  success  they’ve  always  dreamed  of,  but
they  will  also  have  proof  that  the  Architect  of  the  Universe  believes  in  them.

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Promotion September 15th-19th

        1.Sept. 15th- Spotlight Feature promo at  IndieWritersReview

        2. Sept. 16th- (8pmcst) 30 minute Book Chat w/ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan- IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio

       3. Sept. 17th- Video trailer Spotlight at IndieReview Behind The Scenes TV

       4. Sept. 18th- Guest Post  at Maverick Promotion

       5. Sept. 19th – (8pmcst) Ten Minute Twitter View chat w/ Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan  Follow Hashtag#MPTour


Maverick Promotion ” Artists Not Afraid To Think Outside The Box” ©Michelle Cornwell-Jordan


IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! The Synthetic Dream Foundation

Happy Monday All! Today I am throwing the spotlight on The Synthetic Dream Foundation, hope you enjoy!


a fun plus 101


a fun plus 101

Harsh, experimental, and beautiful music, video, and art.

The synthetic dream foundation formed in 2005 by composer Brett Branning (Abandoned Toys and Ephemeral Mists). Though in that short time frame has gardened a pallete of sound which is comparable to the glittering of phosphorescent life on the bottom of a cold, blackened sea. From harsh, brooding, mechanical beats to dreamy, neo-classical mirages, and dark ambient masterworks which shift through and absorb cold, alien landscapes. TSDF is not limited by genre, but instead compelled by the infinite possibilities that electronic advancements bestow upon the musical and artistic forms.

Aiboforcen’s track “shadows (the synthetic dream foundation mix)” to be released on Alfa Matrix.

Soman “skin deep (the synthetic dream foundation mix)” for the label, DeathWatch Asia. V/A.
The Crystalline Effect “do not open (the synthetic dream foundation mix)” on DeathWatch AsiaSiva Six “faileth stars (the synthetic dream foundation mix)” on Alfa Matrix records.2010
Remix Work:
Suicide commando’s “god is in the rain (the synthetic dream foundation mix)” (Metropolis records (US) Out of line records (europe))

XP8’s “download me (the synthetic dream foundation mix) (Deathwatch Asia records (Japan))

Full length releases:
The synthetic dream foundation “Mechanical serpent (mythical records)

Remix Work:

Left Spine Down “welcome to the future (the synthetic dream foundation mix) (synthetic sounds (US) Danse Macabre (europe))

Electronic Substance Abuse “Hell (the synthetic dream foundation mix) (Tympanik records)

Informatik “temporary (the synthetic dream foundation mix) (Dependent records (europe) Metropolis records (US))

Grendel “shortwired (the synthetic dream foundation mix)” (Metropolis records (US) Infacted records (europe)

Rabia Sorda “radio paranoia (the synthetic dream foundation mix) (out of line records)

Compilation appearances:

“Eine dunkle sparische widerstand” in Rock Oracle magazine’s monthly comp for their magazine (Russia)

“Temporary (the synthetic dream foundation mix)” in Septic Vol. VIII (Dependent records)

“Blood divine” on Endzeit Bunker Tracks vol. IV (alfa matrix records)

Remix work:

Experiment Haywire “occult casualty (the synthetic dream foundation mix)” (machine records)

Diverje “wrapped around (the synthetic dream foundation mix)” (DSBP records)

Compilation appearances:

“Artificial intelligence” on Cryonica Tanz vol. 5 (Cryonica records)

Full length releases:

The synthetic dream foundation “behind the gates of horn and ivory” (mythical records)


IndieWritersReview’s Cover Reveal: Before Time by Xunaira J


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covergifTitle: Before Time
Series: The Time Series # 1
Author: Xunaira J.
Audience: NA
Genre: Tragic Romance
Formats: E-book and Paperback
Publisher: Xunaira J.
Editor: Michelle Browne
Expected Date of Publishing: 20th November 2014


His eyes told her what his tongue could not.
Nineteen-year-old Onaiza Shahid is a loner and a dreamer, bookish and socially isolated. A chance ramble into chatting software changes everything. The words of a stranger compel her. Addicted and falling fast, their secret love changes her life. But will the idealistic teenager get her happily ever after?

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about the author

clip_image006Born on October 17, 1990 in Islamabad, Pakistan, to a government officer and a homemaker, Xunaira J, as a child dreamed of being a writer.She always loved writing short stories and has been active on Helium ( as a creative writer. She has been a blogger and been writing articles on relationship and family for a long time.When she was young, she used to write for US Magazine. Currently, Xunaira is doing her Bachelors in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing and writing at the same time. The name of her first book on Amazon Kindle is “The Cursed City” while her second book is a book of collective short stories which will be published in October, 2013. Meanwhile, She is working on another Mystery/Romance novel which is almost reaching completion. She is anticipating to publish it sometime next year.

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Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Amazon / Pinterest

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A Little Help


From Author CP Bialois!

Originally posted on The BiaLog:

Hello everyone!
SATF Book Cover Preview front
As most of you know, I’m working toward releasing the third book in The Sword in the Flame series, The Lightwalker, in November. To help pave the way, I’m attempting to set the first book in the series, The Forging to perma-free on and I would really appreciate your help.

All you have to do is:
1. Go here:
2. Scroll down until you see the link that says “tell us about a lower price.”
3. Click “Website (online)”
4. Enter this URL: and mark the price at $0.00.
5. Click “Submit feedback.”
If you would be so kind, please repeat step 4 once using each of the following links:

Let me just say ahead of time that you all rock! Thank you so, so much! :)

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IndieWritersReview’s Review of The Donor (Part Two) by Nikki Rae

Hey Guys:) I just wanted to share my thoughts on the newest release from the very talented Paranormal Author Nikki Rae! So check the book and deets below!:)



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Nikki Rae is a writer who lives in New Jersey. As an independent author, she has appeared numerously on Amazon Best Seller lists and she concentrates on making her imaginary characters as real as possible. Nikki writes mainly dark, scary, romantic tales, but she’ll try anything once. When she is not writing, reading, or thinking, you can find her spending time with animals, drawing in a quiet corner, or studying people. Closely.


a fun plus 101


When Casey joined, she never imagined she would meet a man who not only helps her pay the bills, but has been nothing but a gentleman.

As the nose bleeds make way for worse symptoms, Casey can’t help the feelings she has for Jonah, despite how he may never return them. And he’s been keeping things from her. Big things. How does he make his money, and who is that girl in the picture?
With the clock ticking, can she find the answers she’s looking for?

a fun plus 101

The Donor (Part Two) left me wanting more at the end! Jonah and Casey’s story tugged at my heart. These two lonely, broken individuals each hold the piece to the puzzle that would heal the other. I liked finding out what brought Casey to the place she was now in and I hurriedly flipped from page to page, wondering what would happen next…what would finally (hopefully) bring them together…the end completely was unexpected and now I cannot wait to read Part 3!

The novella was well written and another example of a great read from this talented author!

IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! The Clockwork Dolls

Hello Everyone! Today’s Monday so that means music:)  I am throwing the spotlight on The Clockwork Dolls! This very talented band’s music has been described as “electronic music mixed with heavy Victorian influences”.

Please take a look below!


a fun plus 101



Dramatis Personae

The Clockwork Dolls were formed in 2007 and released their debut album Dramatis Personae in 2009. The album was described as “electronic music mixed with heavy Victorian influences”.

Band Members:

  • Allison Curval – Composition and Keyboards
  • Helene De Fer – Vocals and Lyrics
  • Johnny Benson – Violin

When Banners Fall

The Clockwork Dolls returned in 2012 with an altered cast. Their second album, When Banners Fall, featured a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks.  When Banners Fall was heavily influenced by the music of the 1940’s and WW2, a significant departure from the neo Victorian or ‘High Steampunk’ setting of their first album which could be described as dieselpunk.

Band Members:

  • Allison Curval – Composition, production, second guitars, keyboards
  • Colette Lovelace – Lyrics, vocals
  • Trinket Bramage – Vocals
  • Christopher Bass – Guitars
  • Martin Irigoyen – Mastering







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